New Poem – I can still recall…


I can still recall how

It was the best feeling

In the world,

The first time

You asked me how I was,

As if it was the only thing

That mattered to you.


And at last,

Unfettered as we are,

See how far

We’ve come since.


Such again

Is the promise

Of tomorrow,

If we can be

Who we should be.


All we’ve since come

To hold dear

Adding real weight

To this, the onward journey

Of our souls.


A choice

To which we first

Exposed ourselves

In that precious moment,

Beyond any imperative

Of staying secure.


It was how

We bridged that gap.


And now, for sure my love,

We’ll know of the angels

When they come for us…


  1. Bjorn Rudberg

    I love how simple it begins when the beginning of a simple “how are you?” can build and add the weight of something so real

  2. That really is all it takes, Scott, and it’s the best feeling in the world, knowing that someone cares.

  3. A lovely and romantic piece. I liked how you described the vulnerability of actual love /beyond any imperative of staying secure/. We all hope for “flights of angels” indeed.

  4. “It was how

    We bridged that gap.”

    the poem moves so lightly and lovingly across that ever narrowing gap as the two become ‘us’

  5. This is beautiful Scott – wonderful words of love, trust and growth and the melding of souls. Lovely.
    Anna :o]

  6. This feels like such a grounded and satisfying place to be.

  7. Beautiful words that build up to something more.

  8. A beautiful recount of a relationship, flourishing and maturing into something of such substance. Bravo

  9. There’s a realness and honesty to the beginning of the poem and the ending
    of bringing hope into one’s heart.

    Beautiful poem my friend.

  10. I like the thought of the angels coming at the end.

  11. From a simple, thoughtful beginning, love can bloom.

  12. Oh gosh this is absolutely gorgeous in its romanticism!

  13. A sweet and fulfilling journey for sure.

  14. It’s so good to see a happy romance that lasts a lifetime

  15. Vandana Sharma

    A bond that stays for ever, how pure!!

  16. Eftichia kapardeli

    And now, for sure my love,
    We’ll know of the angels
    When they come for us…….Amazing poem my Scott Congrats

  17. Lorraine Hall

    Lovely poem xo

  18. This is lovely, Scott. How wonderful to have made the soul’s journey with a soulmate. Not everyone is so lucky. I especially love your closing lines.

  19. Another heartfelt piece my friend. You’re poems are so diversified. The common thread in all of your work, is your empathy and compassion. You have a beautiful soul.

  20. A good one, Scott. Good to know you are good!!

  21. Such a beautiful poem, you took my breath away.

  22. Lisa Miller

    Nicely said

  23. Huzaifa Sani Ilyas

    Well written poem

  24. A beautiful love poem.

  25. Drew Clausen


  26. This meditation on life, love, & the eventual after life is shimmering. you have simplified your craft and refined it to a point where all the thoughts reverberate. it’s like observing the dance once again. As we grow older and reach an apex of our collective dreams, we begin to recollect on how life is more than us. A soul mate is something which i value yet it eludes me. Love went away and so did my connection to the goddess. Angels are perfect metaphors, their role protects whatever sins or grievances we partake in.

  27. Beautiful, heartwarming piece. There’s a pure innocence here, rarely felt and rarely expressed so perfectly.

  28. How simple and to the point! Your words make me sigh for rare moments when we know with utter certainty we are standing next to the right person.

  29. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Reading this poem it is as if I am reading the book of life. What a wonderful story! What a terrific experience!
    Thank you, dear Scott!

  30. Beautifully romantic! The first stanza is my favorite. Giving someone your full attention and truly caring are wonderful gifts.

  31. Beautiful.

  32. A simply question can start a lot! Sweet.

  33. James Linnane

    Yes Scott I really did like this one. Quite a piece

  34. Lovely poem!

  35. Relationships grow and the growth is learning all about the other person. Till death do us part, so sweet and simple. Not so easy to do!

  36. Love this. The best part is:
    All we’ve since come

    To hold dear

    Adding real weight

    To this, the onward journey

    Of our souls.

    A choice

    To which we first

    Exposed ourselves

    In that precious moment,

    Beyond any imperative

    Of staying secure.

    The ‘imperative of staying secure’ says it all.

  37. Paul Bowles

    A wonderfully thought provoking poem Scott, curiously and personally so for me.
    Creativity would seem to be the ‘souls journey’ and we embark on that ‘imperative’ with the ‘security’ of that ‘precious moment.’ Later we are put to the test, applying it, then we are not so secure. We have to ‘bridge that gap’ from then to now which adds real ‘weight’ to the journey. But we chose then, to begin, ‘unfettered’ by thoughts of tomorrow. Now, if we can be ‘Who we are’ we may see, in reflection ‘how far we have come.’ Perhaps we might earn that ‘best feeling’ when asked ‘how we are,’ as if it truly mattered.

  38. Such a touching poem of togetherness and love

  39. Reading this made my heart smile in the sunshine from across the ocean. So beautiful, Scott. Thank You!

  40. A simple beginning and see how long and loving the journey together has come. 🙂
    lovely words.

  41. Chrissa

    Echoing others, I love the way this builds strength and support upon the simplicity of moments.

  42. Looking into someone’s eyes, seeing the truth of what we taste in their words… nothing is as powerful as that. And yes, the knowledge–that someone cares for us as we care for them–sticks to us, and guides us in all things to come (if we let it).

    This is precious, Scott. I believe I’ll read it to my husband.

  43. Oh Scott, how sweet and gently this speaks volumes to me. Coincidentally, “Such again

    Is the promise

    Of tomorrow,

    If we can be

    Who we should be…” utters a clear refection of my words in today’s private message to you. “If we can be who we should be”; how utterly definitive of life as we live it! I also mentioned ‘parallels’ in our written expression. Your gift is so much your own, yet ours is the beautiful acceptance and embracing in its reading.

  44. Rommy

    Sometimes we have to trade the security of a moment to move towards something better in the end. The love of a lifetime is worth that little risk.

  45. Tapan Kumar Ghosh

    Many thanks for the poem

  46. William Bain

    Yes, good one. ‘I can still recall’ seems to
    me to express something more than a super-
    ficial rapture. I am bothered a bit by the ‘should’
    statement. That is I suppose a personal call.

    I noticed that many people who comment on
    your poem place a lot of emphasis on the initial
    lines. I tried a kind of experimental approach by
    wondering what might happen if the poem
    started with the second stanza, then found a
    way to introduce the essence of the first.

    Forgive my meddling ways. In any case con-
    gratulations on the poem; it’s very

  47. Sahar Tavakoli

    Scott invites all of us to an endless journey within his words and feed us with fruit for soul in each line.
    He gives us new brushes to paint our desired world and a new description for creating a new world which is Pranic and allows us to conciliate our pains with vital life energy. A hidden gem in inner self to heal and balance our soul, he awaken us with the endless dilemma of life and death and shows us, at the end, how we will celebrate life with hope together.

  48. Abin

    There’s mature wisdom in these realisations!

  49. A wonderful synopsis of love that starts as friendship and grows into something wonderful and lasting! Much enjoyed this, Scott.

  50. I have always enjoyed your poetry. The journey of love from a simple hello to the depth of the soul. Just lovely…

  51. Idealism realised – how lovely!

  52. All to the end:
    “And now, for sure my love,
    We’ll know of the angels
    When they come for us…”
    They would surely come for My One and pass on me but I love the beautiful thoughts you expressed here. I will share this.

  53. Thotpurge

    When the angels come for us… such an interesting close!

  54. Yasmin Anderson Smith

    Wonderful Scott.

  55. Lorraine Hall

    Lovely poetry Scott, I’m the same. Exactitude really ‘exacting the ineptitude’ I have written a short love story for you. Never published of course, twenty years ago. LH

  56. “It was how

    We bridged that gap”….a beautifully, romantic write. That quote is my favourite bit.

  57. It makes me happy to know you are loved and appreciate your blessing.

  58. How well you captured the feeling of love between a couple. Each of us goes through different emotions when we fall in love and live with the love of our choice. Reading beautiful poems like this the reader naturally reflects on their own partner and their love for them too.

  59. Brandon Murphy

    Scott, as some kind of personal mentor to me while I struggle in the darkness… I see you guiding me to the light… Thank you my friend, for your guidance. You are a true inspiration to all.

  60. Laura Laveglia

    Scottie I sighed when reading
    So filled with love an romantic tones!!!
    And this doesn’t not surprise knowing your heart!!

  61. A sweet journey, Scott. I liked.

  62. Katy Jiang

    Thanks, Scott! Enjoy the simplicity of your beauty.

  63. Your beautiful work always brings light of positive energy to your readers, dear Scott. Such an amazing poem of love! This gives hope to the loveless, and brings peace to the loved ones. Bless your beautiful heart, Scottie! Thank you for sharing your great talent with us through wonderful poetry.

  64. Rasheed Olayemi Noeem

    This is a nice composition

  65. This added a smile to my otherwise dull day 🙂 Lovely.

  66. Gloria Hudson

    I shared your poem!❤️

  67. John Lysaght

    Love outside of oneself is a singular fulfillment. In this human union,it is significant to ask another a question that is important to him/her, and that which I am interested in the answer. A life worth living can see angels.

  68. Scott,
    Like many have said it starts slowly then leads into
    a full love story.

    Great writing Scott as ever.

  69. Anthony Szlosek

    Very nice and heartfelt.

  70. Michael Parkes

    A beautiful poem Scott. I hope those angels do show up soon. Best wishes in poetry and life.

  71. princessladycat

    Lui enjoyed it.

  72. Great poem you use simplicity to spread the message.

  73. Romelia Lungu

    I love your new poem.

  74. Neena Sharma

    Oh… so you have found your lost love… How romantic! The way you two met the first time and will part in the end, with Angels welcoming you to their own ethereal World-The Truth that each one of us has to face in the end…after a brief sojourn on earth. However the soul goes on and on…On an eternal journey.

    How simple, flowing and full of Love and Hope…Your poesy ends once again (like all others of yours), on a happy note.
    Brought a gleam of hope and a glint of smile in my eyes, as I went through it, devouring each line.
    Congrats once again!

    Greetings and much regard

  75. Lorraine Hall

    Beautiful lines in this Scott. I will get back to you with some of my own

  76. Marie Hurst

    I love your poem, and your style.

  77. Henry York

    I love your poem, it is beautiful and incredible, to my eye – faultless, in fact…

  78. Rebecca O'Donnell

    Just finished your latest poem and it shook me to my soul. You’re oracular in the timing of your work, always posting something that exactly fits how I feel at that moment. Here’s what I want to say about your work: The poetry of Scott Hastie touches not just the aesthetic value of his beautiful words, but reaches far beyond our senses into our carefully guarded spirit. He weaves a gentle inner voice around us, a soft cocoon that recognizes hardships both past and present, then reminds us of all the light that woke in that darkness. They survive together, a symbiote of light and darkness to keep us from being overwhelmed by either for very long. Scott Hastie’s poetry reminds us of those gleaming moments in divine whisperings of reassurance that when Life seems sightless and cold, we can look upward and inward to find a hearth to warm ourselves and learn to see afresh again. He is a word artist of both infinite depth and spiritual magnitude.

  79. Isabella Arguello

    I loved your poem, especially the part at the end that mentions the angels.

  80. Beautiful poem!!! It’s the best feeling of all, when someone feels such as this for us..

  81. Morris

    I really love this poem. It touches my heart with it’s romanticism about sharing life’s long journey and the hope that at the end, there is someone there to help make the passing easier.

  82. Sana Enam

    I’ve read some of your poems and enjoyed ‘I can still recall’ especially.

  83. Ai Jiang

    Lovely poem. I always marvel at the ability of poets to say so much in such few words!

  84. Linda Breedlove

    Just read this and I love it!

  85. Mighty Poet

    I love your poetry…

  86. Dimitrii Khilkcencko

    Very beautiful poems.

  87. Caeli Mackamey

    WHAT a beautiful blog and a great poem about your wife? It is like I can feel the love coming from the poem!

  88. Great writing. It’s simple and mild

  89. Moha Arzang

    I’m no expert on poetry, but have read spoke of your works and enjoyed your pieces…

  90. Gerri Doval

    Scott ~ Blessed you are with such amazing talent that you share with everyone.

  91. Good Greek ending –We shall know of the angels when they come for us

  92. Suraj Singh

    It is lovely poem indeed. Would you like to visit us in India after Covid 19 ?

    Suraj Singh, Head of Editorials at Unique Publishers

  93. When we live our purpose, that purpose is positive and productive. It shall manifest all the greatness of our value. Clear and mindful poem.

  94. Gabby Wiest

    i do like your style of poetry, a little bit of abstract and the brevity of them..

  95. Rachel Corina Minnaar

    Pray, please do tell me who inspired this lovely piece of writing?

  96. Michael Chukwudi

    You are really a poet. The words are so easy to understand.

  97. James V. Dwalu

    This is so simple and lovely, Scott.

    And now, for sure my love,

    We’ll know of the angels

    When they come for us…

    They’ll surely love till their end here. Departing this world together to continue in the Celestial City.

  98. Showunmi Olawale

    This is lovely. Tender. I love your style

  99. To care is to show love and respect for another person. What more can one ask. A simple act can go so far. Beautifully presented.

  100. Peris

    Wow, it’s a deep poem. I love it!

  101. Lyrically waxed. A tender arousal permeates the verse. Bravo!

  102. TJ Portugal

    Simple and profound

  103. Sanchaiyata Majumdar

    I am a professor of literature in a university. We always look out for resourse persons willing to do workshops for our students. In case if you are wiling for a virtual workshop with us let me know. We would be very pleased to have you talk to us about your journey as a creative writer and would love to know more about you. I read your poem. Its beautifully written

  104. Really beautiful poem.

    From stammers to speaker they opened up.
    one fine day they now share a coffe cup.

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