New Poem – In a world…

In a world

That is far from certain,

This is for all lovers

Still to set forth,

Or imagining

They’ve yet to arrive.


This fitful journey

Of ours

No sideshow,

Albeit part

Of an ingenious conceit

That draws us tenderly

Towards the light,

Where chances

Can be so sweet

And every joyous release

Cannot help

But seed another.


So here it is!

And there

It ever was too,

Oh, but we knew it then.


Such sublime mapping,

The code of tomorrow

Already built into

All our yesterdays.


  1. Nice… Very good. I liked it.

  2. Lori Triggs

    Great writing Scott

  3. Lisa C. Miller

    I like the last paragraph. Nice wording.

  4. What a lovely image you [paint. I don’t always understand the complexity of poetry but if I am right this one talks of love. I wish I could believe love exists for everyone. This poem wants me to but I have trust issues which will not allow me to think someone can care deeply for a person whom their own parents never could love. AGAIN IT IS ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL PIECE and I am happy you have shared it. Your work always makes me think and reflect. I hope to one day use a bit of your work in one of my books.
    This is suppose to be the season of giving and sharing so if you wouldn’t mind, may I share your work on my websites, please?
    I may never have beauty in my world but it doesn’t mean I can’t share the beauty others have in theirs.

    • Great review! Great feelings!
      It is poetry that contributes like nothing else.
      cooperation of souls, their mutual perception of the world, the addition and enrichment of these mutual perceptions!

  5. This is a wonderful poem, Scott! I read it with a sense of strong “relatedness” when it comes to my own life. You are such a fine poet, one of my favorites! That last stanza is “sublime mapping.” All best to you, poet friend!

  6. Lovely poem. Your words mean a lot to me, since my journey is reaching it’s autumn. Our past does in some ways predict our future. You express this so nicely.

  7. Mary Garner

    Very insightful and tender

  8. Brian Wakeman

    I very much liked your lines:

    “The code of tomorrow
    Already built into
    All our yesterdays.”

    I have recently been amazed how much contemporary blood tests can reveal about possible futures too.

    A joyful Christmas,


  9. Bjorn Rudberg

    Very nice and rightly timed.

  10. Scott , that is excellent and I have to admit it makes sense. Perhaps you were thinking about me!

  11. Enjoyed this last poem of 2018! Happy holidays to you and yours.

  12. Richard Jones

    Thanks… We all need a bit more love in the world. Christmas
    is coming; and it’s peak for emotional stuff. Hope yours is a good

  13. JZ Murdock

    A gentle poem reminding us of the life we all live and the promise we hold for more, lightly resting always on the tips of our thoughts.

  14. Laura Bailey

    Beautifully said…What we need in this crazy old mixed-up world of ours !
    Thank you Scott !

  15. Sunaina Sindhwani


  16. Jt Smith

    There seems to be a juxtaposition of what love offers and how to attain it. there are no algorithms for the state of universal bliss. it is based on the physical form & transcends into the spiritual world. it is always refreshing to read something so simple yet deepened by personal experience. you inspire us Scott. we are grateful for your creative output. continue to grace us with your wisdom. it really creates harmony and order.

  17. As ever a work of glory filled with positive vibes and wisdom. Excellent piece, Scott. The code of tomorrow, I feel, is indeed inscribed upon your great dedication to the literary world. Have a blessed tomorrow with more success and happiness. Thank you for yet another finest piece of poetry! A real gift to us all. THANK YOU!

  18. This is a journey to the light, understanding and life. Thoroughly meaningful and such a lovely poem , dear Scott! Thank you!

  19. Wolfsrose

    Life changing. Glad there is One who controls all. Merry Christmas.

  20. “No sideshow,

    Albeit part

    Of an ingenious conceit

    That draws us tenderly

    Towards the light,”

    The word “conceit” popped off the page at me, making me think of Donald Trump, our misbegotten President, a very sick man who is slowly pulling our country into his own sick abyss… (Thank Heaven for Robert Mueller and his team of very bright lawyers!)
    You probably used the word in my trusty 1949 Webster’s Dictionary’s first meaning: “A concept or thought.” We Americans (or at least I) tend to think of the word in terms of “An overweening idea of oneself.” I had to look it up because I was not aware of the 1st meaning! It may very well not be in modern American lexicons! Thank you once again for teaching me something of which I was unaware, my friend! All the best! — Bob

  21. Bjorn Rudberg

    Loved the revisit to this poem… on the second read I particularly loved the last stanza… how the future is there in the yesterdays… the love that builds and grows.

  22. A beautiful write Scott, wishing you a warm Christmas and a very happy 2019!

  23. Hey Scott, here I am, deep in the queue, but happy to read your words, and heed your message. Your last stanza is killer. Without love, we are are reduced to automatons, or worse, Republican lemmings.

  24. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was… like the curvular nature of this piece, and the substantiations of a tomorrow, excellent write Scott…

  25. Such confidence and grace here. Like a voice whispering in one’s ear “everything will be OK.” We so need to hear it, know that … Best of the season back atcha.

  26. I like the idea of being tenderly drawn to the light.

  27. That light is much needed and we can all be seeds to each other.

    Happy holidays Scott and wishing you all the best in 2019!!

  28. I love the truth in the last stanza.

  29. This brought to mind my daughter, who after much pain is venturing into the possibility of love again. Well written.

  30. The last stanza is very captivating and deep –
    ‘Such sublime mapping,
    The code of tomorrow
    Already built into
    All our yesterdays’
    An understanding of the past can unfold the complexity of today and tomorrow 🙂

  31. A generous poem, Scott, dedicated to ‘lovers / Still to set forth, / Or imagining / They’ve yet to arrive’. I like the thought of being drawn tenderly towards the light, chances and joyous release. Best wishes for a merry Christmas and joyous release in the code of 2019!

  32. Jane Dougherty

    Nice one, Scott—especially the last phrase.

  33. The little moments lay the foundation for what is to come, in both love and life.

  34. This is succinct and sweet. I particularly love the lines:
    So here it is!

    And there

    It ever was too,

    Oh, but we knew it then.

    Such sublime mapping,

    The code of tomorrow

    Already built into

    All our yesterdays.

    The code of tomorrow speaks to those things that will be and alludes to the notion that what we are going to do has a kind of destiny to it, but then as he says it is built on ‘our yesterdays’ Well done and beautiful.

  35. I always feel refreshed after reading one of your poems. Let the maps and codes weave the way to brighter days

  36. Me too:
    Such sublime mapping,

    The code of tomorrow

    Already built into

    All our yesterdays.

    A thing to ponder with every choice we make.

  37. All I can say is another memorable poem. Is there another book out too?

    Love your work, have a blessed Christmas and new year.

    Scott says: Thanks for asking Dee – But No, not yet… Since threads pub 2016 I have over 60 new pieces in play, but probably no more than 30 I’d be happy to publish at this stage. And I want to keep the focus more exclusively on spiritual next time round, which rules some out at this point. So we will see…

    You have Great Christmas and fulfilling New Year too

  38. Don Carroll

    Sublime mapping really ties the whole piece together as i see it. nicely done and great flow too.

  39. If only we could read that code buried in yesterday….yet when it happens, it all seems so clear. Love your poem!

  40. Oh this is beautiful!❤️ Especially love; “Such sublime mapping, the code of tomorrow already built into all our yesterdays.”❤️

  41. Time in a capsule, bottled, delivered with tender wisdom, love the truth you tuck between the lines, such an uplifting poem Scott.

  42. As always, your work touches my soul. Beautiful and perfect for the times.

  43. Such sublime mapping,
    The code of tomorrow
    Already built into
    All our yesterdays.

    Beautiful close Scott! It is almost acknowledging the successful intervention of having planned ahead!


  44. “Nights in White Satin”
    ColorS Ever
    iN SHade

  45. There have been a lot of great comments on circles of life and renewal, That is the central one eternal round center to the poem. I want to talk about “conceit” such a sweet little tilt of perspective to label life as a conceit, and so it is, pitted against the vastness of space and the pull of entropy, it would seem to be impossible for life to even exist at all, framing the wonder of it by the sweet use of one little word, well crafted and substantive to boot

  46. There’s something very reassuring about the ending of your poem. It seems to be a reminder that even though many things seems to happen at random, there is a thread of meaning that ties everything together. All the best to you in the new year!

  47. Oh those closing lines are arresting. Nice to see you, Scottie!

  48. So much to ponder and so hopeful. I feel the glimmer of truth.

  49. Nicely done, I enjoyed it. Beautiful lines.

  50. Such a wonderful illustration of how our tomorrows are fed by our yesterdays.

  51. Amazing last verse. That’s creation’s story


  52. Mary Kling

    I enjoyed the thoughtful reflectiveness in this poem, Scott. Happy holidays to you!

  53. “This fitful journey
    Of ours
    No sideshow …”

    Aah, and yes, there’s the catch for many of us. It’s all sideshow and the main stage is empty.

    I love this! Absolutely brilliant . . .

    “Such sublime mapping,
    The code of tomorrow
    Already built into
    All our yesterdays.”

  54. Love so easy to write about even better to read!

  55. yes, in these uncertain times, we need to stay positive.

  56. Love it! A wonderfully rendered, ‘linger-worthy’ piece.

  57. Thotpurge

    The code of tomorrow

    Already built into

    All our yesterdays….

    love that!

  58. Nivedita Yohana

    It was such a delight to read your latest poem and it does resonates with my soul. Your choice of words always mesmirises me. Indeed, in the world of uncertainties, we dream hope, crave and believe in the unknown. Despite many promises made and broken, faith thwarted and with volatile nature of many unawakened souls lingering admidst us, we choose to continue this journey of life towards the light. The code of tomorrow is indeed built in all our yesterdays. We are all tasked to decipher this code. Fascinating! Isn’t it?

  59. I like that wise last verse particularly.

  60. Such a lovely poem,love that is or might be or was, and the code of tomorrow built into yesterday.

  61. Banu Bidarkund

    Lovely poem. Inspiring so in the New Year.

  62. Neena Sharma

    My dear Scottie sir…What an enigmatic poesy, so profound! The true depiction of capricious life in a subtle manner.
    Our Thoughts and Actions indeed shape our destiny. What is our Present will become our yesterday and the future shall become our Present. As you so articulately put it…

    Such sublime mapping,

    The code of tomorrow

    Already built into

    All our yesterdays.

    All future Happenings are rooted in our Thoughts. We radiate our high energy , low energy Thoughts in to the Universe. And the people gauge us through the spectacle of our thoughts. After all, each individual is responsible for what he/she dishes out to the external world.
    I am sure, God’s incognito plan has a wonderful Future, an untold story to unfold, in the coming years… Besides, The World Drama is preordained and beneficial. So no laments , no complaint …Only seeds of hope, fun and Joy renewed, in the upcoming Year! On this Happy note, a Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂

    With much regard and My Divine Love

  63. Beautiful. It speaks from the heart!

  64. Maxim Chernikov

    Unfortunately, the reality leaves very rare paths to walk on
    in dreams and poetry. I liked your line.:

    “The code of tomorrow
    Already built into
    All our yesterday.”

    I would be happy to stay forever in the incomparable
    cocoon of poetry.

  65. Ikenna Okeh

    The description takes the reader out of the sphere of happening, onto an elevated height from where they can see the passing of time and events in a train of words. I like the depth; it charges up the imagination. It is best enjoyed, for me, when read aloud.

  66. Line Langlois

    Your new poem is full of grace and touches the shiny part that lies in us, our inner-self. No matter how harsh “this’ life can be, it is crucial to remember how to cultivate our self-presence to build harmony with others.

  67. Anna Mur

    Congratulations for your work! I’m not sure I can post a comment, my english is too poor for understand your poems in the better way: but I definetly can read them and try to translate: I’m sure it could be a beautiful experience of discovery.

  68. R.J. Allen

    I love your poem! I immediately grabbed my wife and pulled her into my office to read it as well.

  69. Beverly Wieber

    I really enjoyed reading this poem Scott.

  70. Congratulations for your work! My english is too poor for understand your poems in the fullest way: but I definetly can read them and try to translate: I’m sure it could be a beautiful experience of discovery.

  71. Vivek G

    “The code of tomorrow
    Already built into
    All our yesterdays.”

    I find this resonates with my thoughts; that we live life in loops stretched out in time, loving in varying fashions, living it through fads immersive of life alone.

    However, while some lives are blessed enough to loop more into love and care, some other not so blessed ones, are entangled into hate and deceit – part of life, but it could be better.

    Wish you the best! 🙂

  72. Yes, indeed, Scott! Love your word choices as always! I love the concept of predestination. I hope to experience this once again soon. Warmest regards.


    “This fitful journey

    Of ours

    No sideshow,

    Albeit part

    Of an ingenious conceit.”

    This is a fantastic verse. It shakes up our thinking.

  74. When life eludes our most precious senses we look to the poet to guide our journey.

  75. Gabriela

    Love your poem. Beautiful.

  76. Jessie Johnson

    I really enjoyed your work. Thank you so much for sharing.

  77. Well written and thought provoking

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