New Poem – See how…

See how,


The stream’s

Silvery edge,

Reflected light

Dances on the surface

Of rushing water.



The very essence

Of life and motion itself,

Effortlessly tapping

Into timeless truths

That, once absorbed,

Echo right back

At you

More than ever before.


And with a peerless


That’s both soothing

And humbling

Of how,

In a single lifetime,

One could never oneself


Such knowing grace,

Gather up such melody,

Nor offer such endless



Still here

With the chance

Of some

Sweet release though.


And, for so many

Amongst us,

Would that it were so!


To dream

That one day


Such a river might flow.


  1. Tapan Kumar Ghosh

    Excellent Scott!

  2. Imelda


  3. Nicely done Scott!

  4. I love this! The crescendo is the last three paragraphs which not only sear to the heart but are rhythmic in the effort. Bravo!

    Still here

    With the chance

    Of some

    Sweet release though.

    And, for so many

    Amongst us,

    Would that it were so!

    To dream

    That one day


    Such a river might flow.

    • Dominic Windram

      I completely agree with your perceptive comments, Aria. Exceedingly well done Scott!!!

  5. Once again another beautiful and thought provoking poem by Scott Hastie. The metaphor of the river and sunlight as life itself echoing timeless truths is soothing to the brain and generates hope that we too can become like the river.

  6. Hello Scott I translate your poem in Greek language So true so sensitive true

    Δες πως

    Δες πως,
    Γύρω απο το ασημένιο ακρο
    του ρευματος
    Ανακλώμενο φως
    Χοροί στην επιφάνεια
    του ορμητικού νερού
    η ίδια η ουσία
    της ζωης και της ιδιας της κίνησης
    Αβιαστα κτυπώντας
    σε διαχρονικές αλήθειες
    Δηλαδή, από τη στιγμή που απορροφάται
    ο αντίλαλος
    πίσω δεξια
    Σε εσένα
    Περισσότερο από ποτέ άλλοτε.
    Και με μια αληθινή
    Αυτό είναι
    και στους δυο
    Και ταπεινωτικό
    Σε μια ενιαία ζωή,
    ο ενας δεν θα μπορούσε ποτέ να είναι ο ίδιος
    τέτοιας χάρης γνώση
    συλλέγω μια τέτοια μελωδία
    χωρίς προσφορα μια
    τέτοια ατελείωτη τροφη
    Ακόμη εδώ
    Με την ευκαιρία μερικώς
    μεσω μιας
    Γλυκιάς απελευθέρωσης
    Και, για τόσα πολλά
    Μεταξύ μας,
    θα μπορουσε να ήταν έτσι!
    Να ονειρευτώ
    οτι μια τετοια μερα
    Στα πλαίσια
    Ένας τέτοιος ποταμός μπορεί να ρέει.

  7. Absolutely beautiful poetry.

  8. Linda Davis

    Always Scottie love to read your poetry — your word choice alone is amazing!!!

  9. Sahil Prajapati

    Very deep Scott Hastie☺

  10. Aaron Towle

    Great poem Scott, this is what it’s all about my friend…

  11. Waldys Foubelo

    Beautiful! Very uplifting and encouraging.

  12. Virginia Mayfield

    Beautiful. So nice to read something so positive.

  13. Scottie, as always so beautiful!!!
    Thank you so very much !!!
    Hugs from Ronee

  14. Laura

    Your words speak deeply
    I want to take this poem and carry it through out life
    Look deep within us. We all carry that river. It’s up to us to keep it flowing freely
    Beautiful !!!

  15. Lori Triggs

    The poem flows well, I wish I could… Lol.

  16. In a single lifetime,
    One could never oneself
    Such knowing grace,
    Gather up such melody,
    Nor offer such endless

    Yet, it’s the hope of such that drives our aspirations and mines our energies. Otherwise what would be the point?

  17. I love this, Word Artist. I’ve been on that journey for a long time. Your poetry tells truths, Always. Beautiful.

  18. Laura Bailey

    Wonderful flow of words and beautifully done !

  19. Leea Glasheen

    I also enjoyed Pain Passes. Good Luck!

  20. Allison Miller-Constantino

    Such wonderful, powerful insights!

  21. Muskaan Warsi

    I have read this poem and I loved it. You did really great job. I wish you’ll achieve great success in future.

  22. Sunaina Sindhwani

    For me, its the masterpiece of your work, touching everyone’s life at the core.
    So deep, but still unrevealing the absolute truth of life.
    Keep up the good work.

  23. I know where my river of life comes… the Lord Jesus Maker of all. Lovely reflective piece. Hard not to write when nature calls.

  24. Beautiful, wonderful share and insight Scott, Thank You!

  25. Reflective words woven together beautifully.

  26. As always, Scott, you easily manage to touch our heartstrings. This poem finds profundity in simplicity. Brilliant as always. It’s an honor to know you, even across the pond! Blessings and many thanks! — Bob

  27. By the way, did I ever tell you that I sang opera for nearly 30 years? The photo of me above finds me singing the aria, “Salut, demeure chaste et pure” in a performance of Gounod’s FAUST in one of many performances of that opera. I sang some 40 roles. (Just thought you’d get a kick out of that little tidbit!) — Bob

    • admin

      Scott says: An impressive and I’m sure a very rewarding career Bob, ahead of your current calling. How I would love to have a good enough voice to sing for an audience myself – surely one of life’s greatest pleasures…

  28. Mohammad Ali

    Very lovely and beautiful
    It’s deep so it touches my heart and mind
    I loved it when you say : the stream’s silvery edge… the dancing of rushing water.

  29. Love this piece…

  30. Bjorn Rudberg

    I really love the way you took the river into a metaphor for how a life should be lived… I have always loved the thought of being a bit like water… maybe ending up in the sea.

  31. Nice to catch one of your poems, and to get a glimpse of you. I like the idea that reflections can have grace.

  32. As beautiful as the silvery edges of the water <3

  33. This is incredibly gorgeous writing, Scott 🙂 Especially love; “The stream’s silvery edge, reflected light dances on the surface of rushing water. Becoming the very essence of life and motion itself.”❤️

  34. Restful and peaceful poem, Scott, flows like a river. We had similar thoughts.

  35. All of this builds builds really well on those silvery edges of rushing water in your first stanza, a place of in-between – within oneself, yet a necessary part of the whole.

  36. I like how those truths “once absorbed,

    Echo right back”

  37. A beautiful meditation Scott

  38. Jt Smith

    my dear friend from across the sea

    how the words dance this timeless (e)motion like water. the stanza builds and flows out till the last line of the river. i notice how the act of seeing can affect how the senses interpret Nature & its elements. a trance-like meditation on Life’s wisdom indeed. i adore this poem with such ageless beauty, elegance, & grace. you are the Seeker like myself. we mine the same golden & silvery drops. Philosophy is a treasure as is this lilting piece of high Art. Bravo maestro.

  39. Your poem begins on a note of joy, Luv Verse 3 best of all. Thanks for inviting me to read

    much love…

  40. Lovely thoughts,Scott. I suspect most of us have the river within. it’s just that it’s gone underground!, submerged by the detritus of life.

  41. Mahnaz

    Life goes on beautifully as your verse goes,dear Scott! Your words of wisdom touch every heart profoundly and make ever eye see the eternal light of joy. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Susan Boury Rouchard

    Beautifully put. The essence of natural order.

  43. A most melodic meditation on the stream of water/life and the gentlest of regrets

    “One could never oneself
    Such knowing grace,
    Gather up such melody,
    Nor offer such endless

  44. Sapphire Eagle


  45. Rev.Ida Luz Diaz

    Eloquent ❣

  46. Reminds me of Carl Sandburg’s quotations:
    is an echo
    asking a
    to dance.”

    Beautiful ending, Scott

  47. You paint the most beautiful pictures with your words Scott. Amazing!

  48. Love the momentum being caught up in your poetry:
    The very essence
    Of life and motion itself,
    Effortlessly tapping
    Into timeless truths
    That, once absorbed,
    Echo right back
    At you
    More than ever before.”

    Thanks for sharing!

  49. Saumya Dixit

    Sir! I am your big fan!

    Love your work!

  50. Rositca Lyamchiva

    I have read your poem and liked it very much. Your words are strong and true.

  51. A lyrical portrayal of sorrow and despair, but alas, in the end, you have left us hopeful.

    Flows so smoothly.


  52. Light dances beautifully.

  53. Cynthia Saarie

    Nice job, Scott.

  54. So beautiful, Scott, the light dancing on the water. I love the ending, with the thought of having the grace of the river within. My new favourite of yours.

  55. Mary

    Beautiful reflection looking inward and outward! Always glad to see you, Scott.

  56. May we all discover the river within us!

  57. Rommy

    I know I always appreciate it when I’m in that “flow” –when my artistic expressions hit that level of effortless and I’m going along for the ride. There’s a certain addictive quality to it too, making us creatives sort of like junkies craving that next hit.

  58. Your poetry is fluid, I feel I am riding on a gentle river of reflection. There is a sense of calmness that the reader can feel. That river is within us all we need do is open the gate and let it flow within our veins.

  59. Chrissa

    Vivid transference from the light as part of the water to internal reflection and growth.

  60. Such wonderful things, rivers – both literally and symbolically.

  61. “Still here
    With the chance
    Of some
    Sweet release though.”

    Thank goodness for those small chances, the ones that let us come out of ourselves, share, and receive.

  62. Nice flow. I feel the joining together for the journey.

  63. Slarueb

    Very nice Scott.

  64. A beautiful, meditative piece, that gives pause and confers serenity (especially read aloud).

  65. Gorgeous imagery Scott, thank you!

  66. Such wise words. liked your metaphor of a river for life itself.
    thank you.

  67. I have to agree with everyone at how beautifully you wrote this poem, Scott.

  68. That river within is a beautiful thought – completely resonated with me.

  69. Serene like the soft flow of a river streaming through our veins…our life blood.

  70. Sapphire Eagle


    There are haunting lines with the rippling melody that an enchanting stream evoke.

    Beautifully rendered.

  71. Maureen Scanlon

    I enjoyed this.

  72. Neena sharma

    How touching and insightful as ever, Scottie sir… You nailed it so subtly and pensively. I loved these lines… So meaningfully sublime:

    “To dream

    That one day


    Such a river might flow”

    Indeed, each one of us, yearns for an eternally flowing life nourishment which should never end… But Alas Life is short and ephemeral. Yet accepting the visceral Truth we could tap our potentialities to the hilt during our lifespan, setting myriad dimensions and milestones for ourselves, while making hay in the sunshine.
    So Wonderful, ending on a positive note… Wistfully penned by the pensive poet, Scott sir!


  73. A crystal clear work of beauty and serenity of life, Scott. Always amazing to enlighten my soul with your excellent versified creation. Love this piece so much.

  74. And amen to that wonderful dream. Beautifully reflecting the essence, Scott!

  75. Dr. Jelka Samsom

    Dear Scott,

    Your poem offers knowledge, music and food to the soul. Thank you again!

  76. Carol Burt

    I read your poem and found it a wonderful uplifting piece, with a slight shadow of melancholy. Remembering the moonlight swim, and running like (young) wild horses across a field are both poignant stimuli which recall a carefree youth that, alas, isn’t coming back to me!

    I enjoyed your poem and look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for freely sharing it.

  77. Russel Abdur Rahman

    Of how,

    In a single lifetime,

    One could never oneself


    Such knowing grace,

    Gather up such melody,

    Nor offer such endless


    This gets my attention. Thanks poet for this poem.

  78. Abdur Rahman

    I was very happy to read your beautiful poem. I am waiting for new one from you.

  79. Seems like a heavenly River flowing through the valley of Paradise after deep reflection of a reassured Soul lived a life full of purpose.. Thanks Scott for your reminder for this

  80. Samreen Ashan

    Your poems are really nice 🙂

  81. هبه مصطفى’s

    Thank you very much for allowing me to share your outstanding work.
    Many Thanks

  82. Nivedita Yohana

    Such grasp on the truth that touches the kernel of the soul. You are amazing! Blessed to have crossed paths with you. Hope your words reach more souls like me and people who appreciate your worth and hold a torch to find our way back home.

  83. Brandon Murphy

    This has beautiful, unique words but it does not captivate me I’ve not seen your other work… granted what really captivates anyone everyone is different needs and wants that it’s probably breathtaking to another… what I think about pain being set free is to explore that element deeper but find resolution in a simple line towards the end that yes I have suffered and toiled and in exploring that pain I have found acceptance through hardships the pain made me realize how glad I am to be alive… Just my thoughts

  84. Shireen Marriam

    Idid go through a few of your works. I must say, there’s a lot of hardwork thats been put in for to bring this beautiful piece of art.

    Kudos to you. and I will surely make time to read through your new work as it is out next.

  85. Lulu John

    Your words are awesome dear writer friend. I am new to poetry, got to learn much from you, stay blessed always.

  86. Crystal Gauthier

    Love your website. Love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  87. Ipsit Roy

    I finally got time to visit your site. Your works are sublime ! They touched and moved me on so many different levels

  88. I love how you’ve captured the play of light in the opening stanza, Scott, and the chance of some sweet release is always welcome.

  89. Great words.The last stanza is the ultimate goal to strive for.

  90. Margaret Mundy

    Love this poem!! Thanks so much for the share

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