New Poem – Like the curiously…


Like the curiously

Regal stance

Of a proud young deer,


The early morning mists,

At any given moment

I am an aggregate,

The absolute sum of all

That has gone before.


And even

When I’m no more,

I will remain still

In every facet of place,

Of presence, of purpose,

Of breath

And bare beings too,

Any of which

And each of whom,

Would never have been

Quite as they are

Destined to be now

Had I not come

To settle here awhile too.


So well before the time

To slip away

Gathers too much pace,

So should we all

Endeavour to love,

To leave the best

Of ourselves behind.


And forever remember

The need to be kind.


Or else, who knows

What quiet despair

Might otherwise live on

In the still beating hearts

Of others.


  1. Very beautiful! You paint beautiful pictures with words.

  2. I enjoyed your new poem.

  3. Jon Mukand


    Thanks for a touching and memorable poem. I turned 60 this year, so the poem speaks to me in a direct and meaningful way.
    Best wishes for the holiday season.

  4. Helen Keating-Old

    Lovely poem

  5. Elizabeth Mastin

    Very nice, Scott! The poem also reminds us that though the love and kindnesses we ” do” show other may be unrecognized, yet it “does” have profound effect.
    Thank you for this great poem!

  6. Cassandra Swan

    It is surprising the immense awareness we have as we get older and closer to transitioning. Your poem gives that in full measure. Everything that came before becomes a passage of events we are driven to look at with scrutiny and understanding of ourselves. I think it was David Bowie who said: “When we get old we become the person we should always have been” Thanks for sharing. Cassandra

  7. Beautiful and so true!!
    Try to live life the best you can
    Treat others with kindness
    Always be conscious of our behavior
    Leave a mark behind of one of love!!

  8. Scott, WOW, the images opened this senior’s senses to realizing time is of importance and yes, love is vital to humans as well as the world we are living in. Excellence in every word. Barbara Kasey Smith

  9. Oh yes, to endeavour to leave the best of ourselves behind and to be kind……wonderfully wise, Scott.

  10. Oh yes, to endeavour to leave the best of ourselves behind and to be kind……wonderfully wise, Scott.

  11. Lori Triggs

    A great write… Hey baby, I have stage 3 cancer and getting chemo, than radiation, maybe a operation restructure of the breast.

  12. Bjorn Rudberg

    I really love to think of what we may leave behind… somehow life is like a dance where at the end you will leave as the music keeps playing.

  13. So well put, Scott:
    ‘I am an aggregate,
    The absolute sum of all
    That has gone before.’
    And what a blessing to know that:
    ‘When I’m no more,
    I will remain still
    In every facet of place,
    Of presence, of purpose.’

  14. Beautifully written Scott. I love the idea that we connect energetically with all around us while we are here. These lines are a great mantra to live by:

    ‘So well before the time

    To slip away

    Gathers too much pace,

    So should we all

    Endeavour to love,

    To leave the best

    Of ourselves behind.’

  15. May this season bring you Joy and Peace!

  16. This one sparkles two fold–on the one hand there is a pep talk with Self, an atta’ boy from Outside to In. And on the other hand there is sermon and hope that love and kindness are in our tool kit. I tend to believe that the wake we leave behind will stir up advocates and adversaries combined.

  17. “And forever remember

    The need to be kind.”

    Forever and always and constantly and consciously and unconsciously and . . .

  18. To love and be kind – excellent reminders. Thank you for sharing with dVerse and wishing you happy weekend.

  19. There is so much of peace in this piece.

  20. Jt Smith

    It seems like as we age ever so gracefully and elegantly, there is a deeper acceptance of who we are. I still am a restless thinker in search of enlightened thoughts. This particular writing resonates with an emotional response. I’d like to know more of our collective purpose whether it is earth, sky, air, wood, or fire beings. Scott my friend continue to seek and be sought from. Beauty originates in various.colours and
    senses. I hope that when I achieve a certain age that life seems to flow again.

  21. Lisa C Miller

    Lovely poem.

  22. Nitin Lalit

    It’s true that we live on in the memories of others. And it’s sad if the image they have of us isn’t a kind one.

  23. Amen. The poet Wendell Berry had a simple prayer, “may I be worthy of my meat.” May our loving pay for our living.

  24. “So well before the time

    To slip away

    Gathers too much pace.”

    Touching! Absolutely touching!

    Thank you for the CTA.

  25. Either Sommer

    I love the image of the dear, as an animal wich is the result of all that has happened before … roaming in the woods, eating fresh grass, being loved by its mom. Yes, likewise we have those quiet moments of meditation,just looking and being grateful. And gaining strength again to go on pursuing our ideals of love and kindness. Thanks for this poem!

  26. Laura Bailey

    “Wonderful poem and photo ! Wishing the Happiest of Holidays for you !!”

  27. Tabbassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein

    Beautiful as ever… Thank you for sharing. Best regards

  28. Once again, your beautiful poetry is exactly what I needed at this moment. Thank you, Word Artist.

  29. The need to be kind never goes away. Ever.

  30. Dominic Windram

    Beautiful, well constructed, meditative…I feel that a profound sense of spirituality oozes, seemingly effortlessly, from this poem.

  31. Tapan Kumar Ghosh

    A nice poem

  32. A wonderful representation of one reflecting on their life. The trail they have left for others, and the love that paved the way.
    Once again, you inspire. Thank you. Happy holidays.

  33. William Bain

    Greetings Scott,

    And season’s greetings, given
    the December context….. I’ve had a
    look at your new work–several poems–
    and also looked at what you have regarding
    pranic healing. So it occurs to me now that
    you might be familiar with the work of the
    North American poet Gary Snyder. Have
    you read him? He also tends to use
    common phrases and colloquialism
    where I try for something somehow out
    of the ordinary. You’ll no doubt recall that
    I’ve mentioned this aspect of your poetry
    (as I read it at least). I wonder if you in
    tentionally seek something close to the
    (pranic) visual images your website speaks
    of. That is what now strikes me as I go
    through some of the material you have up.

    I wanted to ask you, actually, speaking of
    your website, whether that is of your own
    design or done by specialist programmers
    (perhaps you are yourself a programmer).
    I’d be interested in knowing as I’ve begun
    to feel a need to get something more ex-
    tensive up for my own writing. No hurry on
    this, but when you get a moment, if it’s
    no bother. In any case, ‘Like the curiously’
    strikes me at the moment as work that
    opens to complex systems through the
    simplicity of the restive gaze. Never still,
    always seeking. Thanks again for writing.
    Best wishes in the new complex context
    of this December-January! Health, William

  34. Patricia

    Words of a seasoned writer…

  35. Sayed Rohani

    Very impressive!

  36. This is incredibly exquisite! ❤️

  37. I like the last stanza about the quiet despair in the hearts of others.

  38. In the end, how well we loved is all that matters.

  39. The theme of kindness is so important.

  40. Carol Burt

    A beautiful piece, Scott. Happy Holidays.

  41. Gorgeous! And a lovely message too.

  42. Thank you Scott and please don’t ever stop sharing your breathtaking words. They are indescribably lovely.

  43. Every Link
    of Life
    A Hand
    of Time Real
    Every Dream
    As Real When
    to Breathe..:)

  44. Rose Fox

    This is so beautiful Scott. Whatever else we may be in life, we can always be kind. Thank you for sharing this. I wish you all the best . May you have a very Happy Christmas and may the NEw Year bring you all you could hope for.

  45. Dr. Jelka Samsom

    Because of the personal nature of this poem, it contains a depth which I find extremely touching.

  46. Shobana Gomes

    I read your poem. It’s beautiful!

  47. This is very lovely and this particular verse really stands out for me. In the journey we should strive to leave our best imprints in the world.

    So should we all

    Endeavour to love,

    To leave the best

    Of ourselves behind.

  48. Isn’t it so true, what we do is not just about us, but a wider sphere of space and time. Luv this poem

    Happy Sunday Scott

    much love…

  49. Such a philosophical poem – wonderful

  50. Scot, that is truly a beautiful thought.
    You write wonderfully. Keep up the great work you graciously share with others.

  51. “And forever remember

    The need to be kind.”
    Put it all together for me. Thanks.

  52. We need to remember to be kind so much more than ever these days. I think it’s our only hope of moving forward.

  53. Profoundly considered words here, Scott! I especially love the second stanza for its essential message and delivery. It is so easy to become malcontent, jaded on life and carry a negative perspective. If only the global human species could embrace this critical message. We all need to embrace a change of perspective away from the negative, distrust, intolerance, and hate; all the deep-seated anger that has turned people to stone and fostered violence. Trust and respect are a state of mind essential to global peace.

    This is surely one of my most favoured of your writings to date, Scott; it resonates so much that I strive to achieve through my own writing.

  54. So right on and beautifully written.

  55. Yes Scott, this is a most beautiful poem. We should try to leave positive memories about ourselves.

  56. Be kind. It is my new marching orders. Lovely write.

  57. A wise and wonderful … beautifully rendered … piece of writing. There is a great deal to reflect on here … I think a lot about what I will leave behind – in memory. It seems to me that neither of my parents did … more’s the pity.

  58. “I will remain still

    In every facet of place,

    Of presence, of purpose,

    Of breath”….The tie with this planet which is our home is forever. So much love is etched in every word here. Yes, to love and be kind is the need now.

  59. J Cosmo Newbery

    Much wisdom in this.

  60. it’s beautiful.
    always a delight to hear your gentle voice.

  61. Your poems are always quit unique, but this one Scott, takes my breathe away! It made me pause and think about life and past, present and future! Your picture is worth a thousand words. Always a pleasure to read your poems for they always leave me with thoughts of love and kindness. Merry Christmas my dear friend and Happy New Year and New Decade.

  62. To give the best of us is always best, indeed. If we all do it, the whole world would receive wonder. Thanks for the thought, Scott.

  63. Beautifully written Scott– in a world of choices, choosing to be kind is a gift to everyone, including ourselves–

  64. I often think about what I’ll leave behind. I hope it is…I remember her with love.

  65. I do believe kindness is the greatest of virtues, the most important quality to strive for.

  66. Thotpurge

    I am an aggregate,

    The absolute sum of all

    That has gone before. – well said and I absolutely agree with the thought!

  67. James Linnane

    Nice see you are still at it. Have a great Christmas Scott

  68. You present such an important message that kindness is reciprocal. When we are kind to others, this is reflected back to us and regardless of how we feel from one moment to the next, every interaction is a reflection of how the world views us which ultimately shapes our daily experiences.

  69. Great thank you Poet Hastie . You are doing great work . Together WE rise . ALUTA CONTINUA!!!

  70. Elaine Battersby

    A lovely acknowledgement,of past and present. I like the sentiment.

  71. Perfect! I like the way your words touch my heart, dear Scott! God bless you.

  72. Excellent imagery of a proud young deer. Amazing piece filled with light of hope and fulfillment. Always a pleasure to read your wonderfully crafted poem dear Scott. Yet another finest work to conclude the year in peace. Bless you!

  73. Youssef Elharrak

    Beautifully architected.
    Please go on creating charm.

  74. This is very salient given the world in which we live. Especially the paragraph:
    So well before the time

    To slip away

    Gathers too much pace,

    So should we all

    Endeavour to love,

    To leave the best

    Of ourselves behind.

    And forever remember

    The need to be kind.

  75. Mary Clista Dahl

    Lovely and touching as always, Scott. Heartfelt thanks for sharing your words. ❤️

  76. Nivedita Yohana

    Your new poem is fantastic!. Brimming with hope as ever. Indeed we are aggregate of what has gone before but we always have a choice to be kind to ourselves and others. Your words To leave the best….Of ourselves behind will definitely set the tone for me in 2020 .

  77. Sunaina Sindhwani

    Hi Scott, just read your new awesome creation.
    Found it the most ethereal connection.
    All the very best for upcoming year…

  78. Collina Obando

    I am actually very moved and very motivated by what I have read.. In that regard, I really admire you and your work.

  79. Malvika Mishra

    I was reading your poems the other day; they are deep, beautiful and extremely spiritual.
    I find so much of our Bhagwad Geeta in your poems and it’s amazing how such wise things are worded the same way.

  80. Your poem was very beautifully written and evokes a calming emotional response. Like your style and your words flow gracefully! Great, my friend!

  81. Well written poem. Very beautiful

  82. We can all use such nice reminders.

  83. Janice McLaughlin

    Great poem about leaving the best of ourselves behind

  84. Nekabari Benson Nwika

    The absolute sum of all
    That had gone before
    -“-” – “-” – – “-” – “-” – “-” – “-” “-.
    And down to the shore
    The young deer drown in awe

    Hahaha… Nice lines Mr Scott

  85. Sandy Pallen

    Very nice.

  86. Yolanda Izurieta

    It woke me up! Love deers and your poem is touching my heart.

  87. Deborah Allen

    Truly Lovely!

  88. Lorraine Hall

    Very nice

  89. Paras Pashar

    I find your work to be wonderful…

  90. Ivy Feng

    Your New Poem is beautiful, you are doing an amazing job

  91. Austin C.Morgan

    I have read this poem and I think it’s terrific. Your ideas are big and your verses perform acrobatics around the basic scheme, and yet I saw nothing trite or burning about it. To me, that is the definition of worthwhile poetry.

  92. Amy Temple

    A very beautiful poem from our friend Scott Hastie

  93. Moving and thought-provoking. Great choice of image for this poem, too.

  94. I love it, and your page looks amazing!

  95. Nekabari Nelson Nwika

    Thanks Sir Scott for a wonderful piece here….You really inclined my creative accent. Would love to share some of my works with you to read.

  96. Hersh Bhardwaj

    Just read some of the poems. Feels like I can read them for hours and not get tired. Soul of Rilke, Rumi, Gibran and our very own Tagore comes forth from your verse, Scott.

  97. Inspiring…

  98. Katy Jiang

    Always so beautiful

  99. Brilliant composition

  100. Hi Scott,

    I will admit when it comes to poetry I do not understand the story.

    But while I read this, I could visualize the stir in your words.

    You are an awesome writer.

  101. Hi Scott,

    As I quickly wrote this on my cell at work I never edited my work.

    What I meant to say was I don’t always understand all stories told in poetry.

    But in your poem, I visualized the story clearly.

    You write well. Thanks.

  102. Frank Turner

    Scott your work is beautifully evocative, full of deep imagery and assonance. Thereby creating quiet spaces that allow words to weave their tapestry. I have been deeply impressed with these quiet spaces in your verse that speak so deeply to the soul.

  103. Lovely music, as always

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