New Poem – Pain passes…


Pain passes,

Whilst true joy



And with that certainty

Comes the bittersweet


Of another new dawn.


The re-making of everything,

The coming again of the light.


And so it is,

Each and every day.

Be it in the persistently

Joyful call

Of a lark at daybreak,

Or the lingering odour

From some foraging fox

The night before.


It’s at times like this,

The world grows modest.


Seems to shrink down

And, when savoured

Close to, intensifies

To such singular peaks

Of curious intimacy

That somehow embody

All that matters.


Remember that glorious

Moonlit swim?

Or the time, one pungent

And luminous

Late summers afternoon,

We ran so freely

Across the broad slope

Of the farmer’s

Newly harvested field,

Like wild horses forever.


We claimed those moments

For ourselves, didn’t we?


  1. Reem

    Lovely Scott.

  2. Beautiful. My favourite yet. Captures so well that ‘bittersweet melancholy of another new dawn’. Melancholy is the perfect word for that sadness we often wake up to that has no obvious source, but that the call of the bird can scare away. And as the day wakes up, the sadness seems to dissipate.

  3. One of your best!!!

  4. What a truly lovely poem. Nice work, Scott! 🙂 Thank you.

  5. the coming again of the light —

    Yes, this.

  6. Scott, this is a lovely write and with images that captured the soul of this reader. Opening the eyes to another day, another time to enjoy the greatness of life!

  7. Laura

    Dear Scott,
    Your first stanza speaks strong truth!!
    Yes bad times will pass and flow but peace, joy and happiness will remain within our cells!
    Hold tight and never let it go!!
    Excellent poem Scott!!

  8. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Dear Scott,

    I appreciate your optimism and such spiritual look towards life and whatever it bestows. May your heart be always the home of light and delight.And thank you so much for making the world more beautiful than it often seems.

  9. Amazing Scott ……………..The re-making of everything,
    The coming again of the light.

  10. “Pain passes,

    Whilst true joy


    [Zen-ly succinct: pain as impermanence; true joy is permanent, always in the moment and we always have access to its flow, don’t we?]

    It’s at times like this,

    The world grows modest. [O Hoh! I love the music of these 2 lines]

    We claimed those moments

    For ourselves, didn’t we?

    [personal experience cannot(?) be conveyed, and so is dismissed in the medical hell of the west (my own agenda is sneaking in); yet the sharing of an experience can be a mutually secret bliss]

  11. Lori Triggs

    A great write…

  12. A lovely reminder of nature and how the coming of Spring is always a call for renewal and rebirth!

  13. Lisa C. Miller

    Really strong words. It is a pleasure to read you as always.

  14. Outstanding!

    “And, when savoured
    Close to, intensifies
    To such singular peaks
    Of curious intimacy
    That somehow embody
    All that matters.”

    But how challenging to keep reminding ourselves of this in the deluge of distraction tsunami of nonsense that we are subjected to. Which gives a poem like this a central place in “all that matters.”

  15. Lovely pastoral piece. I especially like the vivid scene here:
    Remember that glorious

    Moonlit swim?

    Or the time, one pungent

    And luminous

    Late summers afternoon,

    We ran so freely

    Across the broad slope

    Of the farmer’s

    Newly harvested field,

    Like wild horses forever.

    Which evokes such a romantic theme. Well-done.

  16. Laura Bailey

    Needed that great uplift today !
    “Like wild horses forever”…Indeed.

  17. Jt Smith

    Bravo indeed.

    Scott, you have penned an evocative, stirring reflection at a younger, innocent age. We are pensive creatures by habit. Some of us think and re-think how image is transferred on the page. Your canvas is your blueprint. It is etched in colour and memory. Pain passes and how life is translated towards joy. It is of course rare, but I do believe that we are capable of golden wisdom and those ecstatic seasons.

  18. Your poem is so honest, Scott, and I like the way you present life as a series of moments to savour. I especially enjoyed the contrast in the lines:
    ‘the persistently
    Joyful call
    Of a lark at daybreak,
    Or the lingering odour
    From some foraging fox
    The night before’
    and the question at the end leaves me with thoughts of personal moments to claim for myself.

  19. Lovely introspective feelings full with hope, pleasure, simplicity and reality. This is the state of mind we all possess and are expressed so succinctly through your words. Pain is deep and full of emotions. Experience the process. Regards

  20. Dominic Windram

    Great poem Scott…it has helped put me in a positive frame of mind this fine morning!

  21. Bethany Brooks

    Always a delight to read your tremendously insightful and touching work!!

  22. Your flow of words from moment to moment and thought to thought is stunning.

  23. Dr. Jelka Samsom

    Yes, dear Scott (ie),

    “The re-making of everything,

    The coming again of the light.”

    All good wishes!!


  24. Bjorn Rudberg

    This poem touched me so much… having spent a few nights with
    “lingering odour
    From some foraging fox
    The night before.”
    I needed to remember the moonlit swim.
    Tonight I hope to sleep like a log.

  25. I was spirited along on the pure lyrical beauty of this piece. You had me at the run across the farmer’s field like wild horses. I envy the greeting of each new dawn. Being disabled these days, my mornings are less thrilling; but as I turn off the fan I use for white noise, I do say to the Universe, “a new day”, though often it is followed by a small smirk.

  26. Fantastic Scott. I love the way it builds. And oh, those intense singular peaks of curious intimacy!!! *swoon* Yeah, exactly that.


  27. I like how this touches on both the potential and the achieved.

  28. It’s good that the joy remains after the pain passes.

  29. Achingly tender sentiments articulated here.

  30. You write with a poetic heart your words lyrical in tone. As long as there is life, there is light lingering for another day.

  31. Oh my, I love this beautifully written poem. I voyeuristically ran across the field like a wild horse! Thanks for the ride.

  32. I love those precious moments in time.

  33. So whimsical – full of joy.

  34. Especially poignant now. Your poetry is balm to my spirit.

  35. Felt uplifted reading this poem. When pain passes, it is joyful to live amongst new dawning.

  36. “the world grows modest”–That certainly captures a moment that lingers.

  37. This is a really beautiful poem
    Keep posting ✌

  38. Scott, I have never read one of your poems that I could not imagine the journey. This time, not only was I sailing in your stream, but your page crept into my senses where your vision came alive. Thank you for another beautiful journey.


    Pain passes,

    Whilst true joy


    @ fantastic verse

  40. “The re-making of everything./The coming again of the light.”

    With this thought in mind, your words and images speak of this resurgence in a tone which is whimsical and melancholic, despite or perhaps because of the joy that remains. Beautiful writing! 🙂

  41. “And with that certainty comes the bittersweet melancholy of another new dawn.”

    Yes!❤️ Because our souls have just learned to emerge out of the darkness and into the light. A most stunning write, dear Scott.❤️

  42. That is so hopeful that the joyous memories will remain and the pain will pass… a good message.

  43. Claiming moments for ourselves, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is one of life’s most important tasks.

  44. It is so wonderful to realize that day always follows the night, that light always follows the dark. In the darkest moments one knows it won’t last forever. And there are those wonderful memories one can keep….to replay again in the darkest of times! Nice seeing your work again, Scott.

  45. This is so wonderful, Scott…..the holding of the small lovely beauties,and those large glorious memories…….I love “Wild horses forever.” Nice to see you, kiddo.

  46. Love the contained joy in this poem Scott.
    Happy you dropped by my sunnie Sunday today


  47. I love your poetry and it is a pleasure to read this one again!

  48. ‘Curious intimacy’ is an aesthetic and I absolutely love it!

  49. And even when pain doesn’t pass–because sometimes it doesn’t–if we dig deep, we might get lucky, and find joy waiting to pulled out of the hole.

  50. Chrissa

    This was beautiful, an elegy that sang.

  51. Scott, certainly one of my favourites from you.
    so wise and so full of joy… Loved the imagery in the poem. 🙂

  52. Rommy

    Pain comes in waves, but it is the love we remember that keeps us afloat.

  53. For me, these thoughtful contemplations seemed to pin themselves to the word ‘Remember’ when I arrived at it. Awesome writing in this!

  54. Susan

    That the world remakes itself—Yes!
    That you ran like horses together–double yes!
    This is a lovely poem, marred only by that overused, precious, and non-specific word “somehow.” You say exactly how, and say it beautifully.

  55. Gorgeous nostalgia!

  56. We have all been presented with joyful moments in our lives….all gifts to be treasured and remembered and as poets we share them so other can enjoy them too. Lovely lovely poem.

  57. Excellent work filled with amazing metaphorical phrases. This poem gives us hope after the struggles of life. I love the optimism shinning through this piece. Simply amazing, Scott. As ever a real pleasure to read. Thank you very much for creating yet another wonderful poem.

  58. Neena Sharma

    Pain passes,

    Whilst true joy


    So true dear Scottie sir…The nostalgia of bitter Sweet memories of Yin yang of life as reflected in your poem… The Fleeting scenes of life will soon come to pass while we shall endeavour to gain perfection and completion to transcend the mundane!
    The original nature of Spirit is joy. Sadness is an offence against the blissful nature of spirit. We ought to make the effort to move from Misery to Happiness …from Despondency to courage for despair to Hope!
    Keep the window of Faith open! Do not give up…Glad to see you forging head with the same spirit,
    Always affirm…This moment too shall pass as it is all a Dream.

    Unique feature of your poetry is that it always ends on a happy note sir…
    Congrats for another poignant portrayal of the stark reality of life; the pangs of your heart and soul.

    Greetings and Fond Regards

  59. Janice McLaughlin

    Beautiful and bittersweet

  60. Nivedita Yohana

    It is true that Pain passes, oh! well, it has to pass or it could be debilitating, however, it is truly ‘bittersweet’. You have yet again carved such a masterpiece dealing with one of the most painful emotions one has to endure with such erudition. It prods me to contemplate on the fragility of relationships.

  61. Beautifully penned as always, Scott. The closing stanza was, for me, so highly relatable. As a youth living in the countryside, I would take every opportunity to wander the hay and tallgrass fields surrounding my home, exploring, discovering, feeling so complete in the carefree adventure of it all; alone yet so wonderfully one with nature. Your words always carry such fondness, gentle atonement of the subject matter, a true feel-good experience for the reader. Thank you for all the moments of comfort, passion, and living breathlessly in the moments lost in your words. ‘Moments’ is horribly redundant here yet treasured moments they are!

  62. Lorrie Simunovic

    Wow. that is a beautiful poem. It feels so clear, wide and peaceful.. a destined poem.

  63. Michael Kubick

    Your work is great!

  64. “Pain passes,

    Whilst true joy


    This is brilliant writing. I love how your poem expands on the theme of the opening stanza.

  65. Moses Wangai

    I must admit that I love your work and how you have aesthetically used different poetic devices and diction. You are good. As a writer I know what it takes to write such creative works, keep up with the good work.

  66. Ronee Henson

    Love it! !!!!!!
    Thank you !!!!!

  67. You good sir, are a true wordsmith. I thoroughly enjoy how your words transport me to your world of understanding. I applaud you! Never ever quit!

  68. Oh woah, I really wasn’t expecting to see something this beautiful, I’m moved to share!

  69. I woke up this morning and saw your message to check out your latest poem. And what a perfect way to start my day. Thank you, Scott!

  70. Donna Walton

    I have just read ‘Pain Passes…’ and I honestly loved it!

    I am terrified when somebody asks me to read their stuff because I have a highly developed honesty gene combined with a total lack of technical jargon knowledge associated with poetry, and subsequently spend a lot of time composing diplomatic, and often painfully polite, responses.

    Here, I didn’t feel that I had to look for a deeper meaning, apart from:

    ‘Or the time, one pungent
    And luminous’

    If I have it totally wrong it’s okay, I often do Ha! Ha! Ha!

  71. Thank you for reminding us to celebrate life!

  72. Esther

    There is one Old English poem which has the idea: That time of happiness passed, the present time of mortification will also pass … For me, this miracle of a new beginning happened. I went through times in which I was happy for every day without pain. Gratefulness for simple joys remained. And I stop the world for a moment to hear a bird sing.

  73. Great piece. Optimistic and profound – and nostalgic as well.

  74. Betty Thomas

    I’m very impressed and you have given just in these few minutes a ray of light that my dreams are possible even at 66. As I heal, I will continue to believe that what I have thought about can happen.

  75. A lovely poem. To find poetry, or writing of any kind, with such depth of soul is rare these days. It shared a common thread of life.

  76. Your Poem is real, raw and moving! Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  77. Fabulous poetry–it touched my soul.

  78. Nivedita Yohanaa

    The words in the poem struck right through me. Pain passes indeed and it is important to remember especially when you are in the eye of the storm.

  79. c.s mohan

    Let your
    Creativity go to new heights !!

  80. Mohammad Alzareer

    It is a pleasure to read your poetry.

  81. Rob Skyhawk

    Interesting poem! It’s all about perspective. Keep it up!

  82. This poem is food for the inner man. I love the short sharp lines and the poem structure. It is closer to my own style than just about anybody I’ve read.

  83. Josip Ergovic

    It touches… not just the brain but the soul; through archetypal truths – originally observed and expressed – to a sincere intimacy, intimate enough to surpass individuality.

  84. There is always pain in life. The new dawn brings relief if you’ll let it. Remember the good times and move forward. Thus is life expressed very well poetically by Scott Hastie.

  85. Margaret Mundy

    Another beautifully written poem. Thank you Scott Hastie

  86. SheySaints

    Very heartfelt with the warmest tone. This poem has lasting effect.

  87. Saurabh Chandra

    Pain passes, and everything else… Its up to us what we hold on.

    Nice lines and inspiring thoughts.

  88. Mighty Poet

    “remember that glorious moonlit swim”… I love your poetry..

  89. Laura McLeod


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