End of year report!

With a sometimes challenging 2019 drawing to a close, scotthastie.com continues to go from strength to strength. And is truly beginning to run away with itself… Now generating comfortably in excess of two million views every year!

So thanks again to everyone around the world for their continued interest in my work. It is indeed, at the same time,  both nourishing and humbling too…

Wishing you all a happy and fulfilling New Year.

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  1. Dear Scott,

    I am so glad to to find we have so much in common!
    I love your new poem, especially the stanza with which I warmly agree:

    So well before the time

    To slip away

    Gathers too much pace,

    So should we all

    Endeavor to love,

    To leave the best

    Of ourselves behind.

    Beautifully and profoundly expressed thoughts and feelings, reflecting a state of mind of what I call “the autumn of our days”. This is when we begin asking ourselves what will I leave behind? And what you plan to leave behind: love, kindness and the best of yourself, is so moving and humane, and exactly what I feel and plan too!

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