Brand new collection: Pranic Poetry published




Scott’s brand new poetry collection Pranic Poetry was published on the 31st March this year. And, for the very first time, both print paperback and e book versions were released simultaneously and Worldwide on the Amazon platform. Exciting times…


  1. Debbie Stirling

    I am mid way through reading Scott’s latest collection.
    We are two and a half weeks into lockdown in the Uk
    . Somehow the words seem ever more poignant and meaningful reading with the background of the virus .
    I have found that moments of extreme emotion often helps us crystallise our thoughts and help us pinpoint and name our feelings.
    We are suddenly faced with time for reflection and these poems are helping me distill the mixed emotions of our current situation into a calm acceptance of what is .
    It’s interesting how many art forms are speaking to people in a different ways at the moment , perhaps giving us permission to expand our thinking or perhaps to wipe away all thoughts and simply BE
    Thank you Scott for another marvellous collection and I am looking forward to rest of the book
    Bless you x

  2. Morris

    Scott Hastie’s beautiful and deep poetry gently gives us plenty to reflect upon. Who are we? What do our lives mean? What inspires us and frightens us and how do we best navigate our way through such challenges. This the perfect book to be reading in these testing times.

  3. Neena Sharma

    Your latest collection showcases your versatility. At the same time embracing the nuances of spirituality in the myriad moods of poetry. Indeed Pranic healing… How subtle, yet simple…Reflecting on the upon the visceral truth of our inner being. Great work which should prove to be a riveting read for everyone.

  4. Wendy Waters

    I have just read all your new poems. I love the glimpse of the world to come that themes through most of them and the bridge Nature builds connecting the two worlds. A sadness permeates them though as if you missed someone along the way. That is perhaps the romantic nature of poets. All poets feel more intensely than others and the joy that sharpens their experiences likewise frames their loss.

  5. Bravo once again, Scott, for Pranic Poetry. You have exceeded yourself once again! Though I have never heard your voice in person, I imagine how the voice of one such superlative word delivery would sound! I always eagerly anticipate your next publication of poetic very and yet again I am hard-pressed for just the right words that will do justice to what I experience reading your works, yet overflowing with an abundance of passion and purpose for all that you have shared with us in this publication. Your mastery of word choice and a seamless delivery leave my quite overwhelmed. You have such a gift, my friend.

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