New Poem – Come what may….


Come what may,

Good days and bad,

Ancient seeds

Of inbred fear

And lust to be



Shoot forth

With evolutionary purpose,

An illusion of progress

It’s hard to shake off.


Oh, that we had learnt!


Kept much closer

To mind,

All we and our forbears

Have since seen

Play out here.


The lessons of the past

Repeatedly urging

Upon us

A far more generous,

More forgiving,

Less acquisitive

Pattern of being.


And all the while,


The brooding moon,

An erosion of emotions

And ambition

Already misspent,

Leak into sorrow

And wastefulness.


But wait!

In our hearts

A far kinder dream

Speaks to us still,


It’s shape

Belongs to heaven.


Oh, that we could ever

Acquire the humility,

The lift of true grace

To claim it,

More courageously,

Here and now.


  1. I wish I could just highlight just one segment of this piece and say voila it’s great, but that would be unfair because all of it is. So, I will say this; this is an excellent poem that speaks broadly to humanity and all we share.

  2. Thanks so much Scottie, stay safe and well!!!

  3. Drew

    Hey Scott Great poetry. Glad to see this work of wonders.

  4. What a superb poem, Scottie. A pleasure to read. We most definitely need grace in these times.

  5. Dee Ashby

    As always, I am moved by your insight and prose.

  6. Jon Mukand

    Thanks for your latest work—very relevant

  7. Beautiful imagery.

  8. I pray for global pixie dust that affects us all while simultaneously gives us amnesia so we could have a true, blessed clean slate. Your poem inspires hope, despite the odds being against it.

  9. A poem that reflects the current times, Scott. Let’s hope that ‘far kinder dream’ continues to speak and its message reaches everyone.

  10. Another poet searching for grace midst a gaggle of uncooperative and ignorant rabble–good luck, sir; good luck to all of us. The planet weeps, plague clouds mask the sun, civil unrest clog the streets, fascism is the flavor of the month, and yet, and yet, if we could just get our minds right, perception precedes progress– Bang on, brother.

  11. This is so meaningful and full of emotions, I especially liked how even admist such dark emotions, ‘in our hearts, a kinder dream speaks to us still’ I love this!

  12. I really enjoyed the contrast you present with “But wait!” Like a turn that takes reader into the light.

  13. Sublime. Oh that we hadn’t learnt! Yeah man that damn tree of knowledge. But it is our place to be caught between the worlds. How can we, knowing what we know, open our hearts and love? And then, love more?

  14. Laura Bailey

    Wonderful and most profound.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely verse !

  15. To acquire humility and grace. From your mouth to God’s ear, Scott. May it so be!

  16. Oh my heart this is achingly beautiful, Scott! I resonate strongly with this poem

  17. Roger Leach


  18. In our hearts a far-kinder dream, may it always speak to us! This is my favorite part of the poem. Thank you

  19. calmkate

    This is poetry at it’s best, heartfelt, current and so appealing!

    Well composed Scott

  20. Jt Smith

    The harbinger of things yet to arrive.

    We all live in this uncertain state of downsized being. The heart can overcome so much. Dreams need to be reinforced by human love. I think as we age, all of us, notice the beauty in the most simplest and rarest of earth’s elements. This particular writing speaks volumes of our condition. We tend to fade away whenever life gets so heavy like now. Thank you for not surrendering your will not to fail us.

  21. Very to the point for our current moods and fears. And you give courage to hope.

  22. Charlene Redick

    This is just wonderful!!!!

  23. Barbara Kasey Smith

    Powerful, profound, write with images exploding to arouse this reader’s attention to our world situation. It is a piece of excellent written information causing this reader to realize the impact we are in. Barb:)

  24. Dominic Windram

    Wonderful poem Scott! It’s always a great pleasure to read your work. Take care.

  25. Mahnaz

    Very beautiful indeed.Thanks for sharing, dear Scott!

  26. Lori Triggs

    Great poem

  27. Hope without despair. Refreshing these days. Thank you Scottie! This is beautiful.

  28. Jeffrey

    This poem has terrific balance—poise. Well-seasoned with moments of brilliance, it emerges, alive. Not some frantic life, this poem is rooted in serenity. It picked the right poet!

  29. Sunaina

    Simply Wow.
    Thanks for sharing
    Stay blessed Scott

  30. One significant thing about your poems is all carry a moral lesson and above all suit all generations of ages. I have read a couple of them and as a matter of fact, I can’t choose the best one because all have wisdom.

  31. Terry Stolz

    “The brooding moon,” is a wonderful visual image!

  32. Amy Temple

    Here is a very well written poem by our friend Scott Hastie . Great job, Scott!

  33. Come what may, your poems are born to bring light of hope and comfort to your readers, dear Scott. Yet another gorgeous poem from your talented mind, offering us that special ‘kinder dream’ which we all dream of….Excellent work. So much enjoyed. THANK YOU for creating this beautiful piece!

  34. Kerfe

    It will take courage to remake ourselves, but hopefully we will.

  35. Thank you for this beautiful poem. Stay safe.

  36. Your closing holds a lot of wisdom for our time.

    Too bad we are lost in: An illusion of progress … simply history repeating

    Well done, Scott!

  37. If only we could learn from past lessons.

  38. Rochelle Soetan

    Just made me smile…

  39. Desert Rose

    How awesome is that…

  40. Beautiful poem that has the “lilt of grace.” I especially love the thought:

    Oh, that we could ever

    Acquire the humility….

  41. Dear friend, immersed in your words I am forever impressed with an awareness of the true potentialities of life and its celebration. You wear your gift for words on your sleeve, an allegiance to your kindred spirit, and vitality for life in the poetic expression that delivers such a translucent and endeared sense of awareness, passion, and purpose. Your wordcraft stimulates the deepest of emotions and the ultimate joys that reflect our reason for being; so beautifully delivered as always, my friend!

  42. Oh that we could, indeed!

  43. Rommy

    I hope every day for more and more people to find their courage and act on the lessons being shouted to us from our past.

  44. Helen

    Everything about ‘now’ feels like an illusion. The pandemic, a cure, the violence, a fix, inequality, justice for all. Your poem is an overwhelming testimony to the ‘now.’

  45. “But wait!

    In our hearts

    A far kinder dream

    Speaks to us still,


    It’s shape

    Belongs to heaven.”

    My favourite stanza Scott. Its speaks to me as if it were written for me
    Happy Sunday, thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


  46. Chrissa

    Everything comes up, appearing harmless–what will we cultivate?

  47. I like any poem with the moon in it. The word “tremble” stood out for me. I would love to claim it and then hold it.

  48. Beautiful Poem!!

  49. “But wait! In our hearts a far kinder dream speaks to us still.” That is what keeps me from losing hope entirely, even though we are SO SLOW to learn!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful, Scott.

  50. “humility is true grace.” haha thank you for that. i like your intelligence. great write!

  51. “Oh, that we had learnt!” indeed. It seems the world continues to ignore mistakes already made. And then shows shock when it trips and nearly breaks its neck.

    Your last stanza is wonderfully apt for the times.

  52. Wonderful Piece…

  53. Vivian Zems

    I love the encouragement here. Perfect!

  54. God bless you and keep you safe Scott.

  55. Yes, let’s make a heaven of this earth!

  56. Nivedita Yohana

    Once again, your poetry comes to me as a confirmation from the Universe, which is forever nudging me in the path of forgiveness and self-love. Your words resound with ancient wisdom that is trapped in the visceral memory of our cells which so often we fail to grasp or fall short of discernment. But you capture it so beautifully, Scottie! Ultimately we all need to chase that “shape that belongs to heaven , here and now as mortal beings.”

  57. Neena Sharma

    Love Life as it comes…Lead it with Grace and dignity – Your inner beauty outshining the fleeting moments of temporary life, coping with latent fear coupled with uncertainties of future.
    In the end, it is between the two of you, the Soul and its Godly connection.
    The World Drama being transient, yet enjoy every moment… dancing crooning, like no one else.

    I loved the Title of the poem and the way you started it and concluded beautifully. Congrats!

    Thank You Scott Hastie for dishing out another marvel of yours
    Regards Divine

  58. Thotpurge

    That kinder dream is beautifully described…may we all have it and realize it…

  59. Austin C. Morgan

    I really enjoyed this… Lines like “the brooding moon” really move me, as you will find I am quite fond of lunar imagery in literature.

  60. What can we do, but live, love life as it comes? I daily try to calm my bitter edges. Beautiful, expressive writing.

  61. “The lessons of past”, can we say that we as society have learnt from our past? This opens the door to so many complex questions that we simply cannot answer. Great poem – thanks for sharing.

  62. This poem raises complex questions which we as a society may never find the answers to. Well done great poem

  63. A prayer to pray as ancient religions become musty and tedious …

    But wait!
    In our hearts
    A far kinder dream
    Speaks to us still,
    It’s shape
    Belongs to heaven.

    Oh, that we could ever
    Acquire the humility,
    The lift of true grace
    To claim it,
    More courageously,
    Here and now.

  64. Anna Shunk

    Your work is very good. I can see why you are published.

  65. Craig Matthews

    I read this poem several times through, letting it settle on my heart and I was encouraged by your thoughtful words and images they provided me. Thank you

  66. Reach for grace in the moment . . . your clarion call to a frightened world.
    Oh yes, “erosion of emotion” is everpresent, but keep reaching. Thank you for the reminder which is itself Grace

  67. Ewoma Okah Ave

    This is beautifully crafted. I like the feeling of love.. then the part of the angels.. Does it mean death? Really don’t like the sound of that part. Nevertheless, it’s a soft and beautiful poem..

    Scott says:

    As to your enquiry Ewoma, as I wrote it, ultimately this poem was looking to speak to a acquiring a certain level of enlightenment or state of grace if you like – which I guess, as you allude to, especially those with faith of some sort, believe might come with death – but one I myself believe to be a state of being that can be yearned for, nobly sought out and at least partially acquired whilst still being alive. Hope that answers your question, Ewoma – you have a great week ahead and thanks again for your interest in my work.

  68. First Gear

    I loved your poem.

  69. Very beautifully constructed poem, loved reading it. This poem really enlightens a certain level of peace and faith. Would read it again and again.
    Stay safe.

  70. Titus Ode

    Well thought out, Scott.

  71. Riya Dahale

    This is so nice

  72. Aishwarya Raikar

    I must say your poems are on a different level of the intellect! Great. Looking forward to read them all as soon as I can.

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