Exciting news… Next year’s publications brought forward!




Pranic Poetry, destined as it was to be released at the very beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, really struck a chord with readers all round the world.

Hence the earlier than planned release of this, Scott Hastie’s first retrospective collection Timeless only several months later. Here you will find examples of the very best of his poetic writings over the previous thirty years! Every one hand- picked by Scott himself and all of which are sure to delight you. Due out October 2020 and now available for ADVANCE pre-pub order, either individually, or as part of revised bargain Bundle offers. For more details, simply go to Publications on the Home Page and then select Purchase Books.



  1. Having the recent honour of an advanced reading of Scott Hastie’s ‘Timeless’ manuscript, I was hard-pressed to select favourites! This forthcoming publication is exceptional, its content indeed timeless. Scott has a tremendous way of capturing the deepest of emotional senses and responses. His connection to life is wonderfully cleansing to heart and soul as his words reach new levels of heightened awareness and a symmetry of resonance that is quite truly signature Scott Hastie. I applaud the timely success of Scott’s latest and forthcoming publications.

  2. mahnaz

    In my opinion,Timeless is an invaluable literary work suggesting Scott Hastie’s spiritual understanding of the world and his incessant endeavors to share such viewpoints with kindred souls. This book is very beautifully written and I strongly recommend it to all those who are interested in reading significant literary works of our time.

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