A Love poem…


Whatever doubts

We might have

Of ourselves.

Such as we are,

We are capable

Of so much.


But perhaps,

Loving you as I did,

All too briefly

And in wonderful rallies,

If only I’d had the chance

To be more constant.


To cup

The very essence

Of your heartache,

Your sadness.


As if I were truly

Inside you myself.

And had the chance

To feel this too,

Also your glory.


So yes, these days,

The deeper regrets

Always gather,

As they will,

Much more around

What has been left

As yet unacknowledged.


Than ever they do

About sacred chances

Taken, even fitfully,

Such as this.


As Breathless,

I stand in the midst

Of your beauty still.


  1. There are two parts of this I think which really sing.

    To cup

    The very essence

    Of your heartache,

    Your sadness.

    As if I were truly

    Inside you myself.


    About sacred chances

    Taken, even fitfully,

    Such as this.

    As Breathless,

    I stand in the midst

    Of your beauty still.

    This brings the piece to a beautific end acknowledging the sadness and beauty he sees.

  2. It’s a beautiful poem as always Scott, I love all your poems.

    • Sayed Rohani

      Beauty brings love, and how it lovely it is to be breathless, still, in the middle of the beauty.

  3. Lisa Miller

    Lovely. I especially like the last few sentences.
    As breathless,
    I stand in the midst
    Of your beauty still.

    • Barbara Kasey Smith

      Your poetry is rich with awesome images bringing the reader right into the poem, they are rich with inspiration, senses of sorts, build eternal imaginations. Excellence is the rating for this. Barbara Kasey Smith

  4. Lovely love poem…

  5. Amy Temple

    “Here is a beautiful poem from our friend Scott Hastie ❤️❤️. Very, very good ”

  6. Hi Scott,

    It is a beautiful poem.

    Patricia Young

  7. Lori Triggs

    IT is lovely too

  8. Laura Bailey

    Dear Scottie,
    Thank you so very much for sharing the beautiful poem !
    May your week be a happy and blessed one !

  9. Wow! Scott this is fantastic.

    “As if I were truly
    Inside you myself”

    Isn’t that what love is? Of course. Beautiful work.

  10. Beautiful as always Scott but with a sad touch which I always welcome in romantic poetry.

  11. I enjoyed reading this lovely poem.

  12. Banu Bidarkund

    It seems that the poet is praising divine beauty, the power it holds in its ability to become breathless, equally as it engenders pain and that renders it gloriously powerful… yet lovingly beautiful still.

    Scott says:

    Yes indeed dear Banu,
    How insightful of you.

    • Lauralaveglia

      Once we love it is locked away forever
      This is the real man’s compassion- love and sadness
      Thank you for sharing your true side.

  13. Sasho Ognenovski

    It’s a lovely poem. I also passed through your web site and I think it’s very interesting.

  14. Maxim Chernikov

    Dear Scott, I like Your poetry. I generally believe that poetry should live in the soul of everyone. This is the only bridge from aesthetics to ethics! In the “A love poem… I am enraptured:
    “As Breathless,
    I stand in the midst
    Of your beauty still.”

    But, it seems to me, it is more piercing – not ‘breathless’, but more with bated breath!
    The heart of the poet is special, because the poet goes through life with bated breath. This is my subjective view anyway!
    The illustration is beautiful! Very accurately and definitely resonating with your poem.
    I can’t write much: unlike in England, Russian poets are under constant stress!

    Sorry my English, please! As a poet and artist from Russia.

  15. William Bain

    Congratulations on your love poem. I’ve just read it on your site and see I’m not the only one who likes it.

  16. Sunaina Sindhwani


  17. So beautiful. I especially like the ending where you stand in the midst of her beauty still.

  18. Beautiful and impressive!

  19. Katy Jiang

    Thank you so much, Scott.

    A wonderful poem as it is! I especially like the strength within.

    Good poems inspire confidence.

  20. Awesome Love Poem full of life.

  21. Bjorn Rudberg

    I love how you made this so much more personal. I think what touched me most was

    The very essence
    Of your heartache,
    Your sadness.

    When you can reach that point of a relationship is real love.

  22. This is beyond beautiful, Scott!

  23. This is so beautiful and breathtaking. I literally gasped to myself at the final lines:

    “I stand in the midst

    Of your beauty still.”

    It ends the poem with closure in some type of way. Such a beautifully composed piece; many evocations of grief and love throughout. Stunning, stunning work.

  24. “Than ever they do
    About sacred chances
    Taken, even fitfully,
    Such as this.

    As Breathless,
    I stand in the midst
    Of your beauty still.”

    I think this says it all – recognizing one’s shortcomings.

  25. “We are capable Of so much,” how am I finding that so, much more that we can know.” A very humble, loving read ~Jason

  26. Such sad regrets – a resonant love poem. I very much like the opening: we must never forget what we are capable of.

  27. Neena Sharma

    Loved those lines:

    ” To cup

    The very essence

    Of your heartache,

    Your sadness

    As Breathless,

    I stand in the midst

    Of your beauty still.”

    So personally touching and melancholic; yet ending on a happy note, as if admiring the beauty of the Spirit…The beauty of the Strength and Resilience we gather in the Yin Yang of the brief sojourn, our journey of Life…Not withstanding the Bouquets and Brickbats(when at times our own efforts get unacknowledged by our own Kith and Kin).

    We indeed are capable of so much but not motivated enough.

    Thank you for such an authentic personal piece, the every word of which makes it a riveting Read. So inspiring and Loving!

    Fond Regards

  28. A beautiful love poem, Scott. These lines touched me deeply:
    ‘To cup
    The very essence
    Of your heartache,
    Your sadness’
    I stand in the midst
    Of your beauty still.’

  29. Saideh Pakravan

    Beautiful and very moving. Much one can identify with.
    Keep them coming.

  30. A very touching and authentic piece, many excellent lines already noted.Her “beauty” seems to transcend her looks, embracing the spiritual–where actual love resides. This is truly romantic, still in the grasp of regret for what might/could have been. Sadly, in reality a long-term relationship might have led to more heartache and disappointment.

  31. This is a breathtaking poem, and touched my heart as I have lived it …….

  32. Beautiful writing. Straight from the (broken) heart. Nicely crafted!

  33. Your words move me to stillness as always! Beautiful, Scott.

  34. calmkate

    unrelinquished love so powerfully and poetically described, well composed Scott!

  35. This really hits home for me, Scott, as going through a divorce brings about a finality, and in many ways, so many references of reconciled sentiments that typically follow the pain and anguish of a failed relationship, or one otherwise lost.

    We are human and thus vulnerable to misgivings and perhaps short-sightedness when it comes to terms of affection and the realisation that something is remiss between the one individual we have perceived to be cherished and indeed special to us, the one we anticipate a lifetime of joy and love with. Your words speak to us in such a moving, reasoned way, Scott. Beautifully touching, this is. Warmest regards.

  36. Makes me wonder more about this beautiful though brief love and the words he was not able to speak. It rings with earnestness and wistfulness.

  37. Don’t know how I missed this wonderful work 1st time around.
    It’s all good; I think I’m in Ken G’s corner, zeroing in on those ‘breathless’ lines. Salute!

  38. breathtakingly beautiful and haunting. If only there are no regrets. 🙂

  39. You begin in humulity this love story with nature and end with awe.
    A very beautiful journey.
    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday today Scott


  40. I love how this poem opens with a celebration of human capabilities, for we all have them!

  41. I especially like ‘to cup the essence of your heartache’ and thinking about ‘sacred chances’ rather than second chances (or second fiddles, ha!).

  42. The depth of the speaker’s longing is nearly overwhelming. As I read, I kept wondering how anyone could live with all that wanting and still have energy left to breathe. Then the closing came breath, and things felt just right.

  43. Chrissa

    A poem to shake one out of busyness–meditative and lovely.

  44. We all are capable of making the mistake of loving someone the way we think they need to be loved, and overlooking what it is they are telling us they need. And it’s heartbreaking when we realize we’ve inadvertently hurt someone we love.

  45. In later years it is often that regrets gather, and we have so much less forgiveness for ourselves as we offer others. Beautiful poem, Scott.

  46. “As Breathless,
    I stand in the midst
    Of your beauty still.” – would that we all be so lucky as to be in the presence of breathless beauty.

  47. Sad and beautiful. Love grief regrets heartache..all part of the human story.Congratulations on the publication of your new book of poetry.

  48. Yet another rare work dear Scottie. I love the amazing use of powerful imagery which made this a real gem. Love this Scott. Excellent work.

  49. John Lysaght

    The breadth of our caring is imperfect and inconsistent, but before I conclude
    about my impact, let a friend tell me what I have meant.

  50. Heather Smith

    I wish you well with your beautiful work.

  51. Abineashwar Gowsami

    I’ve gone through your poetry, Sir

    Its really soothing

    Thank you for sharing

  52. Ravikant Svateerth

    I have been reading your works for quite some time.

  53. Sharmishtha Basu

    Nothing hurts more than love lost! beautifully captured Scott.

  54. Sahar Tavakoli

    I eagerly look forward to see more works from you and I know miracles happen within your lines of poetry.

  55. Beautiful, moving poem!

  56. Shari Roberts

    A beautiful poem that is reflective and hopeful.

  57. Sharmishtha Basu

    Dear Scott,

    Your works are amazing

  58. Damion Spencer

    Very evocative. The visceral emotions are carefully harnessed, thus rendering this poem a shared experience… it’s everybody’s story ‘cupped’ in the most beautiful of language.

  59. Joseph Hobbs

    Your poems are incredibly easy to read, pleasant and I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve read so far.

  60. Yavanika Kaushal

    Loved the last line

    As Breathless, I stand in the midst, of you beauty still.

    One can feel the yearning in the words.

    Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your poems

  61. Zahra Rahimnouri

    It seems that you’re a poet, I like to read your poem, you can send me some more of them.

  62. This passage of love and light swept me away, my friend. Having gone through lost relationships, I felt your words, your energy, and I too felt a recompense for having, and losing, the most poignant of loves. Well done, Scott; so well done.

  63. Sharmishtha Basu

    Simply divine!

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