‘Covid times on an ailing planet’ A review of the poetry of Scott Hastie

Now at such a pivotal and significant time for the world, there are events (many of them) that, as they increasing do these days, come at us during the course of our lives. Rarely if ever do so many of them arrive at our door together as now, in the lusty swell of such hubris and the crisis we are currently facing.

Seems to me though all the answers are here! Therein they lie in this majestic, magisterial horde of inspired poetry. We therefore all owe Scott Hastie such a debt of gratitude and a profound one too.

Heidi Livingstone


  1. Sharmishtha Basu

    That is a beautiful critique. Thanks Heidi.

  2. Jt Smith

    These times are very tenuous and tense-laden. Fear has overcome beauty with its claws instead of tendrils.
    Nothing golden stays in the appearance of Now. it is very true. Thanks Heidi. Poetry is a vernacular that streamlines the absolute Truth. Answers are within. Find your river.

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