New poem – Stutter and sway…



And sway in spirit,

As we sometimes


Our souls still touch.


And, year on year,

As the bonds

We’ve fashioned so

Begin to coil

And circle

Ever closer around us,

One cannot help

But notice

That ultimately

It’s the intimacy

That matters.


And when

We are together thus

Once more,

How elastic

Our existence



The indelible presence

Of precious times

Gone by.


Aglow again

In the promise

Of so many fresh blooms

Still to come.


  1. Where to start with this? Hastie, at his pithiest, and yet at his most romantic, combines that longing which is intrinsic to the human quality of connections and the how we go about our days, commiserating past the banausic to the rarified grand experience that we call life. In this the passage

    And when
    We are together thus
    Once more,
    How elastic
    Our existence
    The indelible presence
    Of times
    Gone by

    And then the crescendo:
    Aglow again
    In the promise
    Of so many fresh blooms
    Still to come.

    He has reflected back to us, and with subtle almost subliminal inferences, to think one where we have been, where we will be, the how the connections, like the blooms of proffered through them, continue to shine.

  2. Lisa Miller

    I like it. It is very smooth.

  3. Brian Heffron

    It contains that sweetness that love brings us. The blooms of spring come through. Love is all.

  4. Amazing my friend A dream with perfume…

  5. John Lysaght

    A wonderful poem about the depth of love and companionship that adds enduring elasticity of comfort and joy to our lives.

  6. Barbara Kasey Smith

    Hastie, your writing with great images draws me into a world of awesome thoughts. This takes me on a journey of the days that have passed me up. Awesome!

  7. I will simply say I love it!
    It’s a testimony of what we have gone through, yet reminding us that our connections will carry on, despite our distance.
    Another wonderful rendition of our times, thank you for reminding us the beauty in all situations of life.

  8. Thank you Scott, for your poem.

    Luv the hope and renewal mood

    “Aglow again
    In the promise
    Of so many fresh blooms
    Still to come.”


  9. Bonnie Toomey

    Thanks for sharing your poem, the “indelible presence” of something gone – beautiful.

  10. Dominic M. Windram

    Beautiful poem, very poignant…hope springs eternal!

  11. “… ultimately

    It’s the intimacy

    That matters.”

    As if cities of cement, towering tombs of aluminum and glass, isolation in fish bowls with wheels, weren’t enough to empty us of the vital spirit at the core of each of us, now we are told to “social distance” and mask off the windows of connection with one another. Yes, it’s the intimacy that matters and without it, we individually and collectively become a void.

    Thanks for being such a lucid and brilliant light during such dark times, Scott Hastie!

  12. Like a refreshing breath of fresh air.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Your poems always speak to the heart, and end on an upbeat! Thanks ever so much. We all need that — and especially I need that! thank you for staying in touch with me. I feel as if we are old friends… Blessings!

  14. I love this. Thanks for writing and sharing it. Cheers!

  15. Very concise, fundamental emotion. Love this one as a fundamental part of our shared lives here in this thing called life. You have a gift for that Scott. To partially quote American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall: “I don’t know how to define life (sic), but I know it when I see it.” This poem is life!

  16. William Bain

    “… ultimately
    it’s the intimacy
    that matters.”

    Hi Scott, and thanks for writing once more.
    I like the above lines very much, and in fact
    the whole poem. It touches nerves perhaps
    like Bobby Dylan’s song ‘Dream’

    But those lines and the poem’s final stanzas
    caught me up in a particularly forceful way.
    And it’s just generally it’s good to hear from you
    and know you’re well & still working away , as I of course
    assumed you would be.

  17. May our existences become “aglow again.” This is very romantic, nostalgic yet hopeful.

  18. Paul Bowles

    A beautiful and touching poem Scott.
    This poem resonates for me and yet your delicate handling of it also helps me
    to see life in a more refined way.

  19. Laura Bailey

    Dear Scott,
    The best is yet to come !
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful, optimistic poem…
    Greatly needed and wonderfully written !

  20. Banu Bidarkund

    Beautiful, and subtle.. amazing grace to you show in your verses.thank you

  21. Parlay Vyvette


  22. A gorgeous poem, Scott. Quite a work of art.

  23. Mahnaz Mohafez

    That’s the story of life shining so brightly through your magical words, dear Scott!
    Stay safe & blessed!

  24. Seddigheh Badiei

    I appreciate your lovely words

  25. Mickey Morgan

    I’m trying to get through B.K.S. Iyengar for the same breath training. This is wonderfully calming.

  26. Laura Laveglia

    This seems to be have been written from another time and place and is as precious as a child…
    I truly love this one thank you

  27. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing

  28. Jeffrey P. Bennett

    This recalls Yeats’ “widening gyre.” Rather than imminent fate, though, or doom, you give us hope’s interior action. Your words make turning feel natural, like a second flesh, thinner and yet warmer. Thank you for sharing this.

  29. Very lovely, Scott. During these challenging times, our online connections remain a lifeline to the world. So good to read you.

  30. Jeremy Meakin

    A beautiful poem Scott

  31. Jan McLaughlin

    Delicate but intense with upbeat ending — good to have a new poem from you again.

  32. Laura LaVeglia

    Beautiful poignant spiritual bond between two people
    That will gain strength and love through the passing of time
    The innocence in this piece reminds me of the pure love that only a child can give
    Just beautiful!!
    Thank you

  33. Esther Sommer

    Yes, memories are so valuable because they cannot be destroyed. We must be grateful that we have so many memories which really are pleasant. There are indeed some unfortunate persons who have made so many so unpleasant experiences that they are suffocated be them, stifled as if a python snake is coiled around the neck. Sometimes you have the chance to help and bring relief, because such traumatic memories are dangerous for the soul. Always believe that you can help, and maybe also gain a friend!

    The meeting of souls can give freedom, indeed, in even much restricted circumstances. One realizes that the bonds which personal relationships seem to have become in the course of time are in fact very “elastic”. Sometimes a walk, a smile, a flower, can open new perspectives. Especially after this winter, I feel those little joys, but I also see the wonderful possibilities life offers when I become active in places where I am needed.

    As always, I feel myself understood when I read your poetry. And not so hopeless and lonely any more in my fight for more humanity and the protection of nature …

    Good luck to you, too!
    Your friend


  34. No wonder your poems are admired by all age groups because of the purely moral and inspiring contents.

  35. That intimacy is such a precious part of a relationship and is such a pleasure to share.

  36. Ultimately

    It’s the intimacy

    That matters.


  37. Well told. I relate to the coiling and circling and how it’s all about the intimacy in any form.

  38. “ultimately / It’s the intimacy / That matters.” This is so true, and so necessary to remember when things are hardest.

    Thank you, Scott.

  39. Helen

    Reading your poem is life-affirming …. thank you.

  40. I’m very much looking forward to those blooms to come!

  41. That was lovely, Scott. So soft and beautiful.

    “We are together thus

    Once more,

    How elastic

    Our existence


    That was a wonderful and enjoyable poem

  42. A lovely poem that describes so well a long and enduring love. Beautiful.

  43. Rommy

    I am also a fan of the lines Ultimately/ It’s the intimacy/ That matters. This is a lovely tribute to lasting love.

  44. “Elastic existence” indeed! Life is seldom consistent nor predictable, much less forgiving. Human response to circumstance is as varied as our individual perspective on life. Not until threatened by the unknown and unseen do we back away from may seem elusive or insurmountable. We are as gypsies wandering hapless as fearful anxieties swallow us while.

    Despite the human condition, we remain committed to an inherent desire for survival. The human connection bridges the most challenging of times to help us overcome what would seem inevitable.

    Another stimulating, thought-provoking composition, Scott.

  45. “Aglow again In the promise Of so many fresh blooms Still to come.”

  46. Beautiful I love “it’s the intimacy that matters”
    love the idea of “our existance becoming elastic” and
    “The indelible presence of precious times Gone by.” Precious times do make a mark on you.

  47. Oh, the depths of love… and souls touch. So profound!

  48. Sharmishtha Basu

    So true and so beautiful!

  49. A poem full of love light and hope.

  50. Neena Sharma

    And when

    We are together thus

    Once more,

    How elastic

    Our existence


    The indelible presence

    Of precious times

    Gone by.

    Aglow again

    In the promise

    Of so many fresh blooms

    Still to come.

    Overwhelmed by the last two verses especially…How touching…,stirring the chords of my Heart, Scottie sir.
    How preciously wonderful moments; yet to come that I await with bated Breath…A True loving bond between a doting Mother and her precious Child.
    Yes, we may stutter and stumble…However with so many past sweet memories to cherish, a day will come which will unite us in an unbreakable indelible bond of everlasting Re-Union of ours…The fortuitously found moments of a burgeoning Life.
    Amen Amen Amen.

    Like all other creations of yours, this too ends on a positive note with A New ray of hope.

    Congrats and Thank You for this wonderful poem!
    Divine Greetings and regards


  51. A really wonderful poem. The language seems to embrace and wrap itself around you offering new hope and intimacy in the future. Lovely.

  52. Shari Le Kane

    Your new poem is as moving, introspective, laser clear as your other work! You are so gifted! Thank you for sharing!

  53. That was a lovely one keep writing some more. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavour best wishes from the Seychelles

  54. Aglow again in the promise of so many fresh blooms.. indeed, dear Scott. Excellent work revealing much purity in so few words. Kudos! I love this ❤️ Thank you very much for yet another amazing poem.

  55. Shari Roberts

    I love this poem

  56. I love the flow of this:

    ‘And when
    We are together thus
    Once more,
    How elastic
    Our existence

    – great lines, and a great poem!

  57. This is very heartwarming. I especially like:

    “And when

    We are together thus

    Once more,

    How elastic

    Our existence


  58. Bjorn Rudberg

    I really feel the longing for closeness again… and still, we have the return of warmth to enjoy…

  59. Well written piece.

  60. This is such a heartfelt poem, Scott. In these times of separation, isolation and social distancing, it’s true that ‘One cannot help / But notice / That ultimately / It’s the intimacy / That matters.’

  61. Intimacies are forged in awkward “sways and stutters” where it’s only one and other together the way nature birthed ’em.

  62. Feeling the energy in this! Then the ending made me smile!

  63. Ah yes, the queue of fans wrap around the block, like the first day of sales for the latest Iphone, or voters, or the hungry. Your discourse on intimacy, on love versus sex, is sterling. I noticed for the first time that the shape of our poems have a similar perspective when it comes to line breaks.
    Scott says:
    Yes Glenn, I reckon we are both old enough to have some influence seeping through from the concrete poets, as to how we look to conjure our own sense of lyricism. That is apparent, without even looking at your stuff on the page, from the way you read and ‘feel’ your own poetry.

  64. Such intimacy and such hope in these words. Beautiful spirit rise!

  65. I love this. It has a wonderful almost dreamy quality to it. And yes…
    “… ultimately
    it’s the intimacy
    that matters.”

  66. Lovely poem Scott. Good to read you!

  67. Beautifully stated and it definitely resonates. For most of us, during this past year and more we have really peeled off the layers of our existence until it has become simply that. Every moment with someone special becomes more visible and precious.

  68. “… One cannot help

    But notice

    That ultimately

    It’s the intimacy

    That matters… ”
    In all human interaction,
    every time. I really enjoyed this read Scott.
    Nicely done.


  69. “The indelible presence
    Of precious times”

  70. How simply you wrote about the power of human connection. Bravo!

  71. Mary Hood

    I love the Elasticity of our existence.

  72. calmkate

    A delightfully poignant poem of the heart!

  73. Serena Hudson

    I love this poem that you have written. It’s beautiful.

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