New Poem – Life is….


Life is suffering

Speckled with joy.


So treasure it

When that blessing comes.


Bringing with it,

As it does,

A nourishment

That’s so rich,

So intense,

You could run a knife

Through it,

Like a slab of butter.


A sacred hamper

Of hope then,

For far tougher days


When storms

A plenty

Will, once again,

Seem to chide us so.


Yet surely

We’ve all lived

Long enough

To know

There’s no such thing

As mere coincidence.


Feeble creatures

As we are,

Somehow mysteriously

Never quite able

To see round the corner.


For whatever injury

And despair

We might inflict

Upon our world,

Nature has its own acumen,

Its own steady intent

And will show us

The way back home,

If we allow it to.


  1. A beautiful poem Scott.

    “A sacred hamper

    Of hope then,”

    My fafourite lines

    Best Wishes for 2022


  2. Mahnaz

    Life is the four seasons of light, intuition, felicity and energy. Let’s celebrate it to the full.
    What an amazing start, dear Scott! Thanks for the first beautiful poem of 2022.

  3. Once again, this lovely poem talks about the coevals of life, the yin, and yang of joy and despair. For me, though, I think the aptest line is:

    “Feeble creatures

    As we are,

    Somehow mysteriously

    Never quite able

    To see round the corner.”

    Because most humans do not ’round the corner’ never evincing or even trying to, how their actions can or did affect others, which is a sad testament to the ability of humanity to learn the lessons needed for the soul’s progression.

  4. A beautiful, meaningful description of life in optimistic terms. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is life. So eloquently said, dear Scott. Keep on shining your bright light. A beautiful way to start the new year. Wishing you and your family the best year yet.

  6. John Lysaght

    Beautiful juxtaposition of good and bad, light and dark. Life, froth with
    obstacles and achievements, is a blessing to be absorbed and appreciated.
    Learning from the persistence and adaptability of Nature will serve us well
    on our journey.

  7. Denyce Ashby

    Once again my friend, you’ve managed to piece together the very act of life through words.
    Happy New Year Scott.

  8. Michelle Melon

    Thanks for sharing your latest work. I particularly love “a sacred hamper of hope.” I will keep that phrase top of mind in tough times.

  9. Ron Ames

    Bravo Scott, Great poem. Thanx so much my friend

  10. Margaret Nash

    Lovely poem. Really captures a mood. Love it.

  11. Terry Stolz

    Thanks for sharing. Your words embrace the reader and give them a moment of solitude.

  12. Laura Bailey

    Dear Scott,

    Thank you so much for sharing this excellent and most insightful poem !

    Wishing a great 2022 for you !!

  13. Yet surely
    We’ve all lived
    Long enough
    To know
    There’s no such thing
    As mere coincidence.

    This may be the cruelest irony. That there may be “intention” or “purposefulness” — an equation or a plan — behind travails and torture. But how do I know I can trust this taskmaster Fate? Maybe Nature is simply a sadist, not a teacher at all. Granted, it surely is more comforting to make a leap of faith. The biggest challenge for me personally is dealing with indifference. Why am I not mentioned once in the Unified Field Theory? Why has the God particle not intervened and made my books bestsellers? Do you think I’ve lost perspective? (My friends always say they can never tell if I’m joking or not. It’s obvious to me: Maybe yes. Maybe no.)

    Excellent poem, by the way. It will get me through another day. What about the day after tomorrow, though?

  14. Thank you for the blessing Scott, and the peep around the corner. Nature has found it’s acumen in you.

  15. William Bain

    Yes, my friend, a lot of truths in what you write……
    It does seem as if we’re not yet out of the storm,
    as you indicate. Hopefully there’s rain forest
    enough for us to be able to go on peacefully
    and in more comfort (as you also remind us
    in this poem’s final lines).

    Times are tough and are trying for all of us.
    Through the varied moments of fullness and
    emptiness your writing comes as a welcome
    series of notes of hope.

    Stay safe, William

  16. You spread us the best definition of life, dear Scott. Your insightful positive mind is a real treasure my friend. Thank you so much for this glorious poem.

  17. Dr. Jelka Parabirsing

    “….if we allow it to.” Indeed, well said, dear Scott!! May we find this courage and wisdom!

  18. ‘A nourishment

    That’s so rich,

    So intense,

    You could run a knife

    Through it,

    Like a slab of butter.’

    – You are so right. I love the message of this poem. Nature always finds a way, but sometimes we mess things up by getting in the way of it!

  19. Really very much agree with your premise, at the end about nature.

  20. These words are encouraging.
    If only we would stop subverting nature’s attempts to heal itself.

  21. So wise and insightful, this is. I especially like these lines emphasizing how these moments poking out of the chaos can strengthen us. We need to drink them up!

    “A nourishment
    That’s so rich,
    So intense,
    You could run a knife
    Through it,
    Like a slab of butter.”

  22. All we have is the now in this wildly changing time. Thanks for living it well.

  23. You write from the heart of wisdom. It is always a pleasure to read your poetry. We are indeed feeble creatures. We def should treasure the blessings when they come.

    Brightest Blessings to you!

  24. I liked the nourishment … like a knife in a slab of butter. Great image.

  25. Well-said, Scott. True enough.

  26. calmkate

    Much wisdom set in a positive tone, thanks

  27. Very true! Beautiful poem.

  28. Beautifully written!

  29. Life is this. Your poem put me in a good place. I love life. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Love your reachin’ high for a great OLN, bravo Scott! ✌❤️

  31. Marion Horton

    ‘a sacred hamper of hope’ – love this image Scott and your poem’s message.

  32. You never cease to amaze me my friend
    When life gives us roses, hold them tight and enjoy their perfume for the scent of happiness does not linger
    Life is not meant to be wonderful. It’s is meant for us to learn lessons every day
    Enjoy life to its fullest even in the storm of darkness
    Thank you for this beautiful message

  33. What goes around comes around like instant karma. I had to stop at the hamper and think about that

  34. Benita Kape

    “A sacred hamper

    Of hope then,

    For far tougher days”

    These were one of many lines which stood out for me. Beautiful

  35. Nivedita Yohana

    A beautiful and profound undercurrent of wisdom that rides the waves of existential angst so exquisitely captured!

  36. Jan Marquat

    I’ve just read your new poem and I loved how you ended it. The last paragraph is especially lovely.

  37. Punam

    Nature sure does that if we listen to it. Beautiful poem.

  38. Yes, cherish every new day.
    thank you, Scott.

  39. An excellent message here, Scott.

  40. if we allow it….indeed.

    Love these lines:
    “A nourishment
    That’s so rich,
    So intense,”
    You could run a knife
    Through it,
    Like a slab of butter.”

    This is absolutely visceral!

  41. A wonderful inspirational and emotional at the same time .I was actually waiting for it Scott.
    Happy New Year.

  42. Bjorn Rudberg

    You tell wise words and it is important to remember that life is full of both brightness and darkness… But it takes insight to see it and reflect back.

  43. Neena Sharma

    Thank You for such a sensitive, insightful poem, Scottie Sir. Indeed, life is Juxtaposed with Joy-Sorrow, Pleasure-Pain, Hope despair…Panic we may not; For Nature has its own way of unfolding the serendepity of Events, just in the nick of time. In the Moments of despair, there is always a Ray of hope.
    So, live life to the hilt.

    Loved the Last verse, making the poem end on a positive note…

    “Nature has its own acumen,

    Its own steady intent

    And will show us

    The way back home,

    If we allow it to.”

  44. Your words afford us renewed perspective in the most profound ways, Scott. Your opening ten lines truly inspire and gift us hope and promise. These words are important in such challenging times as we have struggled to endure the pandemic, both local and globally. I have seen so many people truly on the edge, walking a tightrope of anxiety and fear, anger, disbelief and highly negative response to much of life.

    Blessings may seem so few and far between as the mind succumbs to blindsight and obsessing over the dark side. I liken this to unintentional self-harming. Thank you for always embracing the goodness in life and the optimism that we shall overcome adversity. We need this.

  45. Life is – a struggle and is meant to be but also a sunset in an evening at sea.

    Good stuff, Scott, I liked your poem a lot. All the best.

  46. Jt Smith

    I think Nature is always constant, the birth death and resurrection of its forms. as human beings we rarely learn from our grievances. we continue to plunder our hope and dirge away. i do believe we can co-exist with a new flame of interconnectivity. Thanks Scott. these lines are a healing balm for our kindred soul.

  47. Maxim Chernikov

    I just had a lot of problems, and I’m still trying to get out from under it. But your poem is just a wonderful illustration of this! As always, easy, simple and sincere.
    I’ve always liked your poems, I wrote to you about this. Despite the fact that I am a loyal fan and supporter of rhyme, your poetry is a pleasant and joyful exception for me! Although the sound-structural aspect that rhyme gives is very important to me. A special musical language, which is perfectly felt in alliteration. But I am very pleased with what you have shared. I got a lot of pleasure from it. Heartfelt thanks! Everything is the same for me. I live only by poetry, creativity, inspiration. Thank God for a sense of humour, but every time it gets blacker and blacker!
    Well, I will continue my existence according to your recipe in your poem: “Life is suffering speckled with joy …”
    I shake your hand firmly, With Best Wishes!

  48. “Feeble creatures

    As we are,

    Somehow mysteriously

    Never quite able

    To see round the corner.”

    that’s a fairly true statement. enjoyed this very much

  49. Helen L Dehner

    Reading your words of encouragement, positivity, wisdom .. a great way to begin my day. Cheers.

  50. Here’s hoping we all start listening well enough to Nature to follow Her direction!

  51. The closing lines hit home.. ! We do need guiding hands that will help us find our way back home…

  52. The way back home is sometimes long, but we will get there with persistence…and love!

  53. If only more of us could get out of our own way on the path back home.

  54. “A sacred hamper

    Of hope then,

    For far tougher days


    Accepting darkness and light is life itself. Beautiful poem, Scott!

  55. I love “nourishment so rich you could run a knife through it” One such splash of life is worth all the injury and despair.

  56. Sahar Tavakoli

    I am always inspired by what you do with words and how you create beauty and hope in your works. Unfortunately, I encountered hard times with this Covid disease but hopefully, everything is fine now. Sometimes it is even hard to think about the future and have plans as everything is affected by this virus but still, as an artist, I feel to have a mission and I get the power to go on.
    I am so happy to read your poems and I always heave a sigh of remedy after reading your lines. I am so proud of you and I am so happy to have you as my unseen friend.
    May you always be happy and in peace.

  57. I came into this thinking it might be too long, but each word is so necessary and contributes its whole to the overall image in a powerful and beautifully poetic way!

  58. Dear Scott, your words here are bathed in the purity of hope that is our restitution when all else feels impossible to comprehend, to overcome. Your closing words bring promise for a world far less known than in our younger years. The human spirit seems cast in disrepair, yet your perspective is bathed with warmth and assurance in:

    “Nature has its own acumen,
    Its own steady intent
    And will show us
    The way back home,
    If we allow it to.” Truly marvellous, my friend.

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