New Poem – Come what may….


Come what may,

Good days and bad,

Ancient seeds

Of inbred fear

And lust to be



Shoot forth

With evolutionary purpose,

An illusion of progress

It’s hard to shake off.


Oh, that we had learnt!


Kept much closer

To mind,

All we and our forbears

Have since seen

Play out here.


The lessons of the past

Repeatedly urging

Upon us

A far more generous,

More forgiving,

Less acquisitive

Pattern of being.


And all the while,


The brooding moon,

An erosion of emotions

And ambition

Already misspent,

Leak into sorrow

And wastefulness.


But wait!

In our hearts

A far kinder dream

Speaks to us still,


It’s shape

Belongs to heaven.


Oh, that we could ever

Acquire the humility,

The lift of true grace

To claim this vision

More courageously,

Here and now.


  1. Wow … “A far kinder dream speaks to us still…” It’s so beautiful. Your writing is phenomenal.
    Thank you Scott

  2. Rebecca Ramsden

    I appreciate the feeling of hope, that humans could and can raise above the current tantrums.
    Thanks for that new breath for this morning during the Buck Moon in Capricorn.

  3. “an illusion of progress”. Sums up today. Perfectly.

  4. Rommy

    It’s hard to hear that heart’s voice sometimes, but when I do I cling to it with all my might. It’s only by envisioning a kinder world is possible that we can play a part in helping it become that way.

  5. Oh, I echo the prayer in your final verse!

  6. Tapan Kumar Ghosh

    Thanks for sharing this poem

  7. I’ve been seeing world events in most of the poems I’ve been reading. Even the moon is brooding. But I feel comforted by the kinder dream that lives in the individual and collective psyche.

  8. Rebecca O’Donnell

    This poem is needed. Beautiful. Thank you, Word Artist.

  9. Moyo J.

    Amazing piece of art. Thanks for sharing, Scott.

  10. Thank you, Scott, for stilling your mind to write, and sharing your words. Your poems always bring me so much peace and joy.

  11. “But wait!

    In our hearts

    A far kinder dream

    Speaks to us still,


    It’s shape

    Belongs to heaven.”

    My favourite verse


  12. Nicola Tipton


  13. My favorite verse, too. There IS a kinder dream in our hearts … maybe one day we finally will make that dream real. It will probably be under threat of total annihilation though. Oh, wait! That is the threat!

  14. Laura Bailey

    Beautiful and hopeful words of wisdom.
    Thank you dear Scottie for the lovely share !

  15. Pamela

    Beautiful work as always, Scottie.

  16. “Oh, that we could ever
    Acquire the humility,
    The lift of true grace
    To claim this vision
    More courageously,
    Here and now.”

    That is the challenge, isn’t it? Optimism is like the sun, rising and setting on the drama of human folly. Were it a story crafted with more kindness and compassion, it might be worth a sequel.

  17. Dr. Jelka Parabirsing

    Dear Scott,

    Thanks to your beautiful poem, my trembling heart shoots forth, a little more courageously. Thank you and thanks to your followers and friends too. May Love reign over fear

  18. Shari Roberts

    To emote such emotion with so few words is a beautiful gift!

  19. Lorraine Hall

    You remind me of Monty Woods!

  20. Hardshit Bhardwaj

    Here and Now is the ultimate mantra that’s closest to reality.
    Loved it.

  21. William Bain

    Lovely Scott. “lift of grace”… That seems to me a particularly good phrasing. Coincidentally I looked at your site a week or so ago

  22. “Oh, that we had learnt!” indeed. We continue to fall prey to horrors of our own creation, over and over. It makes no sense.

  23. John J. Lysaght

    Scott, a timely message for us as we wade through layers of serious uncertainty that within our hearts we can continue to inspire hope and perseverance guided and fortified by God`s grace.

  24. A poem of gentle lines, and how I like that prayer at the end. 🙂

  25. Mahnaz

    Reading this poem, I felt my heart was filled the light of wisdom.
    What a wonderful start for such an evocative summer! Thank you abundantly, dear Scott!

  26. Jan Marquat

    Many beautiful phrases in this poem that stopped me to reflect before I could go on.

  27. Ada Aharoni

    I loved your new poem!
    It inspired me to write a poem on my own deep aspirations and to check how they measure with what went on before and whether progress is looming in the future…

  28. John Lysaght

    I enjoyed reading your newest poem and felt connected with the sentiment of the importance
    that we push forward in times of great and persistent upheaval armed with hope and guided by
    God`s grace.

  29. I think the heart of this is:
    The lessons of the past

    Repeatedly urging

    Upon us

    A far more generous,

    More forgiving,

    Less acquisitive

    Pattern of being.

    In which the speaker talks about forgiveness, something much needed but not often seen.

  30. Neena Sharma

    Oh, your Poem brings in Hope And Joy…We indeed ought to be less acquisitive and competitive and a forgiving lot. The twin virtues of Humility and Patience do bring us closer to God.

    I just Loved the concluding two stanzas that sum up all:

    “But wait!

    In our hearts

    A far kinder dream

    Speaks to us still,


    It’s shape

    Belongs to heaven.

    Oh, that we could ever

    Acquire the humility,

    The lift of true grace

    To claim this vision

    More courageously,

    Here and now.”

    Congratulations my esteemed Poet Friend, Scott Hastie for this phenomenal creative Piece!

    We need to infuse more Kindness and Compasson…during the time of Upheaval-The World Needs it More!

    Thank you for the gracious share!


  31. Helen

    The beauty of your writing brought tears to my eyes ….. thank you for the wisdom, the inspiration.

  32. Dee Ashby

    Oh Yes.. here and now.
    Another fine poem. Thank you for sharing your vision.

  33. nivedita yohana

    Your new piece ‘Come what may…’ is a gem. It is a true testament to your pristine divine soul. It is infused with timeless wisdom that will hold true for future generations. Even if someone 500 years from now, is reading this, they would understand and lovingly nod in agreement with you. I love how it ends:

    To claim this vision

    More courageously,

    Here and now

    Yes, it indeed needs courage, integrity and focus to claim this vision. Often, we get distracted by a myriad of opinions and fears leading to existence in limbo. If we do not fix our sight unwaveringly on this vision, we are only wasting time and inviting sorrow and misery to our pity party.

  34. A lovely summation of the worst of times! I fear that if we do not learn soon to “live simply that others may simply live” then Mother Nature will step up her retaliatory vengeance and humanity will be given an eviction notice. Perhaps there is room in the Ark for a couple of poets to spool the thread of a great culture that once promised so much and delivered so little.

  35. Scott as always a Stellar write!
    If we can have more faith or hope what a beautiful place our world would be
    I just loved this new poem. It speaks to me in huge proportions as I constantly work on my hope♥️

  36. Beautifully written Scott, I love how in our hearts, a kinder dream still speaks …

  37. Scott, a solid plea to “the angels of our better nature” ; even though it didn’t bode so well for Lincoln. In some ways you are asking us to tap dance on a wet mossy decline while blindfolded–and yet no one should deny your message.

  38. As long as one can see hope, darkness will not prevail.

  39. Would that humanity not have to learn humility through its humiliations. Ah well. Humbled, we enter the kingdom of Here and Now …

  40. Paul (Ashlyns) Phillips

    The apparent tragedy of our way of living is countered here by the optimism of the way we could become. A beautiful ‘resolve’, Scott.

  41. Most especially love the stanza about the brooding moon.

  42. “An illusion of progress/It’s hard to shake off.” And that is what holds us back from real progress. I love the brooding moon that hides the kinder dream which yet may live.

  43. A poem of hope that if only. . . let us hope that we can “claim this vision.” Thank you for sharing, Scott.

  44. Paul Bowles

    Ancient seeds, something hidden, forgotten in us, a pattern of our being in a seed that opens only upon realisation. How to claim it….humility.
    So nicely constructed Scott, thank you for it.

  45. In the midst of dark beautiful brooding lines about our fate,

    “an illusion of progress

    It’s hard to shake off”

    There are real truth…

  46. You speak the truth and so eloquently. The simplicity of kind hearts and humility is so underestimated. Life changing… World changing…

  47. Gorgeous, gorgeous write, Scott! Your words truly make us contemplate everything that surrounds ❤❤

  48. Punam

    A poem of hope, of wisdom, of humility…what a wonderful write, Scott.

  49. Jt Smith

    Ancient seeds will germinate the righteous as well as the malevolence of our society.

    We all must learn to forgive, to enhance ourselves no matter the sacrifice or cost of living

    The last stanza declares that the virtuous life is plausible. humility makes us wholesome and gathers wisdom from the forefathers.

  50. Dear Scott, how I cherish the empowering spirit of your words. One need only to engage for but moments in time to find new hope, inspired and with promise for life’s grace and giving, even during seemingly the worst of times.

    From the opening lines to the closing stanza, one always craves for more.

    “But wait
    In our hearts
    A far kinder dream
    Speaks to us still,…”

    There is such healing goodness within your soul, my friend. I hope you realize the powerful reconciliation for our heart’s most distressed and unrested presence. Hope through your conveyance is the eternal elixir! We need self-forgiving graces to rally our ambitious journey.

    All we need to endeavour through the light of your words is to absorb the responses of the countless many who share their interpretation of your vision, persuasive and anointing as they are. You truly inspire, my friend. God bless your life’s work and purpose for which we are eternally grateful.

  51. Your words are beautiful.

  52. Laurel Barron

    Words endearment to humanity.

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