Call me the breeze…


  1. I love the idea of being the breeze. Is this the afterlife? I did see the Beatles documentary and loved it so.

    Scott says: Bang on Colleen, this is certainly a whiff of the spirit of afterlife being referred to here…

    • scotthastie

      Scott says: Yup, you got it… The spirit of the afterlife….

  2. Jt Smith

    Well, the Egyptians understood the mysteries of the afterlife now Scottie does too. the breeze metaphor is soothing to all the human senses. i think we all look forward to spending eternity with a refrigerator stocked full of our favourite things.

  3. Scott, I love this visual and the message is abundant and reassuring that we hear, we truly do hear! I am thankful for your presence in our world, and in our hearts, for it is deep within that your song resonates the untold blessings that life can and does bring.

    It is so easy to become discouraged yet renewed perspective through your words brings light out of darkness, belief out of distrust and confusion, and the will cherish life for all that it can be. You are the breath of fresh air that whispers an inner peace and serenity, opening our minds and hearts to our fullest potential in life.

    Your words here resonate so loudly, Scott, so beautifully embracing. I always feel a sublime presence whenever I journey here, my eternal friend, always…

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