Scottie goes into Space!!

Just when it seems life can’t get any better… ASTONISHING NEWS! Which I’ve only just received this weekend, is that an anthology featuring my poetry has been inducted into the Polaris time capsule, launching via the 2024 Space X Astrobotic Griffin lander / NASA VIPER Rover to the Lunar South Pole..
This is the very first I heard of this extraordinary development and it’s all very well clocking up millions of visits around the world – but, by any standard, this is a truly stratospheric development and represents potentially a whole new demographic for my readership! Beam me up Scottie indeed… I couldn’t be more thrilled… So many Thanks to Samuel Peralta – USA Today & WSJ Bestseller, Golden Globe Nominated, Emmy Winning Film Producer who, entirely unbeknown to me, took the initiative Stateside to make this happen for the collection entitled ‘Chiaroscuro’ first published in 2017 by d’Verse. His Lunar Codex Project making sure that the best of the writing, the art, the music and film the world has to offer will be going to the Moon in a sequence of three already planed lunar landings beginning in 2023.


  1. Rebecca O'Donnell

    Magnificent! Congratulations, Word Artist. You absolutely deserve something this cool!

    • Sunaina Sindhwani

      Many many congratulations Scott. I am so happy for you – the Universe always send angels to beautiful souls like you

  2. Debbie

    Bloody hell Scott AmaaaaZING ❤️‍⚡️

  3. Jezz Hulme

    Extraordinary old friend well done
    Blast off!!!

  4. Stephen Worrall


  5. Amanda Gee

    Wow!! x Fantastic news x Cosmic x

  6. Simon Meakin

    Many congratulations Scott! Very exciting news!

  7. Jeremy Hades Smookler

    Congratulations Scottie
    You must be well pleased

  8. Nicola Tipton


  9. Louisa Stirling

    No way Scott, that’s literally out of this world!x‍☄️

  10. Caryn Gross Devincenti

    That’s absolutely fantastic! Congratulations

  11. Deborah Harris

    Wow! Congratulations!

  12. Jelka Parabirsing

    Wonderful news!! Many Congratulations ❣️

  13. Jt Smith

    Calling Captain Kirk & Scottie

    Congratulations. We need to celebrate this coveted prize. I believe in your words. It’s been a blessing to have this venerable friendship and connection to poetry. i wonder if the aliens are already familiar with your oeuvre.
    Well done indeed fellow chap.

    Always Love,


  14. Wow, Scott!

    This news has me over the top for this crowning achievement! This is so richly deserving, my friend. We each gauge our own personal achievements and recognition in life, and this has to be deeply reaffirming! May your love and light forever shine through its orbital journey with profound acceptance and appreciation; it is most assuredly your due. Beyond all of that and more, I am speechless and filled with emotion at this moment. Your purpose is abundantly clear and speaks a universal truth that we all need to hear.

  15. Amazing, Scott. Hearty congratulations!

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