Movie Time!


Here’s the thing… In Life, the trick is when you get on a roll, do your very best to stay on that roll…
With this in mind, less than a month on from the confirmation of my ‘Going to the Moon’ junket, I have now received a serious expression of interest from a well-established, top quality film producer here in the UK (already with his own strong network of contacts/links in LA/Hollywood) to evaluate the prospect of making a full-length feature film, based around my latest draft publication ‘Memoirs of a Romancer’
This is someone who has had his fair share of credits and recognition, winning awards and being shortlisted at major film festivals both here in Europe and in the US and is currently beginning work on a major US funded movie with a stellar cast
Once again, How Amazing is that!!
But, of course, don’t be holding your breath for too long on this one, as such projects, even if they come off, are usually several years in development.
I simply wanted to share this great news with closest friends and family, at the earliest opportunity. Because who knows where it will take me next!
Seems like everything is gradually falling into place, what with my new agent up and running – now already three months in and raring to go…



    Congratulations, Poet! Excelsior!!

  2. Marilyn E. Garcia

    “Courage is a love affair with the unknown” Osho…

  3. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Congratulations, dear Scott!

  4. Amanda Gee

    Fantastic image too…

  5. JoAnne Rodriguez Manning

    Well deserved recognition Scott whether it becomes a film or not. Very excited for you and the possibilities

  6. Carmol Mae

    One of the exciting things about life is the fact that there are just as many possibilities as probabilities. All good wishes, Scott.

  7. Jezz Hulme

    ‘It’s all occurring’ (Gavin & Stacy) good luck to you Scottie

  8. Debbie Stirling

    Blimey ❤️❤️

  9. David Sumeray

    Brilliant Scott! Congratulations!

  10. Rebecca O'Donnell

    Congratulations, Word Artist! You deserve every great thing there is to offer. I can not imagine your film to be as beautiful and soothing as your poetry is. I’m so happy for you!

  11. Thomas Wright

    Well done Scott

  12. David Baldwin

    Simply marvellous…

  13. Tom Byrne

    Scott that’s wonderful you are so talented.

  14. Nekabari Benson Nwika

    Congratulations Scott

  15. The stars are aligning, my dear friend! During our moments together very recently here in Vancouver, this news came as no surprise to me or countless others as they absorbed your announcement herein. Even the consideration of such a venture is truly deserving, Scott!

    I could see the excitement in your eyes and body language postured as you spoke the words to me! You walked toward me through the Centre’s revolving door, a grand smile and confident stride emphasizing your ingenuous demeanour.

    That special opportunity for our meeting unfolded as the sun rose to replicate the warmth and good feeling of the occasion, the fountain spilling endless cleansing moments of celebrative grace as humanity approached and passed us by.

    Take pride in your every accomplishment on this journey, Scott, and all that may follow in its wake. I am proud, of and for you, as your gift continues to bring such warmth and promise moving forward. Your intent and purpose have always been clear to me and during our first in-person meeting so much truth and transparency about you unfolded to reaffirm your reason for being!

    Loving this powerful visual and all that it represents for exciting new possibilities for you!


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