Autumn Gold…


  1. Mahnaz


  2. A little snippet like a falling leaf that sings as it flies through the breese.

  3. Laura Bailey

    Glorious in Autumn !!

  4. “glad fire sticks of joy”…this line leapt off the page, Scott! What you convey is truly in the spirit of eternal gold! What would this world be without the truth and healing spirit of human beings like yourself; possessing the inner strength and fortitude to ‘step out of the darkness, into the light’?

    My lasting appreciative thanks for the beauty that comes from your heart and soul; your purpose is clear!

  5. Ah yes a Japanese haiku of sorts.

    Short, condensed poetry should contain a certain succinct, timeless quality

    In a matter of a few terse lines, Autumn mettle is personified.

    This poem deserves to be emboldened in its richness and elegance as well.

    Thanks Scott for another piece of Art which speaks to an unwritten code.

  6. As elegant as autumn itself, Scott. Mesmerizing piece of a work as ever. And the beauty of the leaves glorified the poem some more. Thank you very much for this piece.

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