New poem – In between…














In between

The doors

To the known

And the unknown,

This where we can

Get lost altogether,

If we don’t take care.


Our spirit

Destined to wither,

If we hesitate

And let this miasma be.


See how

So many planets


Circle their sun,

Such ardent yearning

For fertile valleys

Never once fulfilled!


Truly, in the shadow

Of such doleful majesty,

We are forever young!


And for that blessing


We must always

Be looking to take

The unique

And fabulous chances

We’ve been given

Whilst we still can.




  1. A beautiful poem. So very glad you posted it to dVerse and especially for our Open Link Night in memoriam of Glenn Buttkus. He was one man who took advantage of all the chances given him….and in his career path, chose special education working with the blind. His was a powerful voice – he would like this poem very much.

    • MRS L HALL

      Hi Scott I think that is an absolutely wonderful poem. Timeless with beauty and depth,so much so that I hardly know what you are saying. Is this a new epoch of post postmodernism. I have a word for this, Lyricism.

  2. Thank you Scott. Love the last stanza which speaks of gratitude for the many blessings while we still can.

  3. In between those doors can be a tricky place to reside. The positive message at the end reaffirms the need to enjoy life and the gifts it offers.

  4. Great message, and penned so eloquently! ✒️

  5. I’m inspired to take some of those chances!

  6. Death lets our miasmas be, but we can lift and unfold while there are still words to write it!

  7. Love the philosophical voice of the poem – mixing yearning with learning. The pairing of doleful with majesty really struck a chord – A stanza to digest at leisure…

  8. Life itself is a unique and fabulous chance, isn’t it?

  9. Whilst we still can… how true that rings!! Somehow between known and unknown we pretend there is a forever.

  10. I like the soulful note of this piece. Between the known and unknown is where we sit at this very moment in space/time it seems.

  11. This poem has an almost circular quality in that it bookends itself, with its haunting quality in the beginning, almost admonishing, and then at the end reminding the reader that they can still make amends.

    “And for that blessing


    We must always

    Be looking to take

    The unique

    And fabulous chances

    We’ve been given

    Whilst we still can.”

    There is still hope at the end, which lifts the piece delicately and very Hastian way.

  12. Rebecca O’Donnell

    You live deep in the heart of all that’s best in Humanity, my friend. What a beautiful poem.

  13. Laura Bailey

    Lovely poem with such great Content !
    Thank you Scott so very much for sharing the beauty !

  14. Yes! Grasp life. Chances are opportunities. LIVE is the lesson here, not just exist.

  15. The unique and fabulous chances
    We’ve been given whilst we still can

    Great closing to a wonderful poem Scott! Love it!. It puts a finality to a situational situation in varied instances


  16. A beautiful and positive poem… Lovely to see you posting again…

  17. Wow inspirational and very beautiful Love it

  18. Sunaina Sindhwani

    In between.. Wow! Everything is in between…
    Thank you Scott for sharing a masterpiece ❤️

  19. Mahnaz

    Reading this poem,I think,it’s much like an enchanting journey to the heart of secrets where every soul can find everlasting hope.
    What a praiseworthy endeavor! Thank you, dear Scott!

  20. Ah yez. Seize the day we should.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog to read mine.


  21. Very beautiful take on interim spaces–and times… And human smallness in relation.

  22. I love the idea of a world where we can’t get lost, if we care… I think it would make caring for ourselves, Nature, and others the priority it should be.

  23. Yes, indeed, we should live life to the fullest as long as we can. Beautifully said, Scott

  24. Oh this is so well written, I liked the analogy of planets circling the sun, you’ve really put serious thought in this poem, it shows in its depth.

  25. Gerri Duval

    Beautiful words that really touch our souls. Thank you for sharing . YOU are amazing ~

  26. Beautiful, and full of depth as always, Scott. I am so glad you are back to sharing. This made my day.

  27. Scott:
    I am pleased to see you use the word “blessing” in this poem.
    Each day of life is a blessing. I appreciate your newest work.
    ~ Richard

  28. Katie Jiang

    Keep shining Scottie! Beautiful piece of work

  29. Truly moving and inspiring, my wonderful friend! I am always excited and so appreciative of your every new release. Your words here move me to a better place, to aspire to more incredible things, and a clear reminder of how delicate the balance in our lives can be. And, too, Scott, to see your words flow with such continuity and focus is most reassuring. Thank you for all the blessings that your written works bestow upon our conscious beings and aspirations.

  30. Mind our P’s and Q’s and ENJOY!!

  31. Yes, seize the chances while we can, but most times we let that opportunities slip by.
    Lovely poem, Scott.

  32. Bjorn Rudberg

    I love the way it leaves me feeling uplifted in spirit, to have that yearning is perfect

  33. This is gorgeous, gorgeous writing Scott!

  34. So much given and sometimes taken for granted. Time to navigate those doors and take care of others around us. Nature will always survive tragically wasted lives. Thank you Scott for the reminder, hope and compassion of this carefully crafted poem.

  35. In between
    The doors
    To the known
    And the unknown,
    This where we can
    Get lost altogether

    It’s also where we can find ourselves and one another.

    Great poem!

  36. Banu Bidarkund

    Wonderful soul stirring thoughts to ponder on the time we have been granted here… and thanks to you for creating this miasma for us Scott!

  37. Saideh Pakravan

    “Such ardent yearning for fertile valleys never once fulfilled…”
    Beautiful, thank you Scott. Wishing you well and continued poetry spirit.

  38. John Lysaght

    An insightful rendering of what we all have experienced as being stuck,
    going in circles stepping in place, yet finding trust in ourselves and
    in the beauty of being alive.

  39. Punam

    This struck a chord with me, Scott.

  40. Shari Roberts

    Another beautifully poignant poem of truth, warning, and encouragement. I love your poems so much but this may be my favorite! Thank you for blessing us all with this gift!

    Keep on keepin on being you!

  41. Margaret Nash

    Lovely new poem!

  42. This marvelous poem reminds me of the beats of my own heart ‘In Between’ its chambers. Such a soulful work to reflect upon! Bless you dear Poet! Thank you with every breath for creating a priceless piece of peace like this, Scott. Pure emotion bleeding.. Touched by reading…Humbled! Thank you.
    Very well done!

  43. Sara McNulty

    This poem carries hopefulness and warmth.

  44. Neena Sharma

    In Between Hope And Despair Of The Known and Unknown, The dichotomies of
    Certainty and uncertainty
    Rise and Fall
    We tend to oscillate;

    Our Spirits wilt and wither And
    Dampen with the Flow of Miasma hung around us
    Nevertheless, We find a ray of Hope with every Rising Sun

    Ending again on a positive note!…Waahooo Scottie sir!

    Oh this creative piece Of Yours, litreally touched the chords of My Heart!
    Splendid poesy; So phiosophical and Sublime!

    Great Going Scott Hastie sir…Congrats!

    With Fond Regards

  45. Loiriam

    Beautiful soulful poem to read!

  46. Sasho Ognenovski

    Thank you dear Scott. I will put the latest poem you sent me in the upcoming issue of my online literary magazine. It will appear end of April.

  47. Jt Smith

    Planets orbit other objects and circle the Universe. Life is the essence no matter how small or insignificant. Shadows like suns are eclipsed by their weaknesses. The doors of perception are born here. Huxley would be so proud. Your recent output yearns for youthful memories of a sweeter time. Oh, to be young and open our senses to love, death, discovery, and loss.

  48. Scott, your wonderful words here would seem so fitting for the trip that you and your dear wife just encountered at a faraway land and sea. The message breathes a sigh of release and a reminder of just how precious our living experience can be.

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