1. Laura Bailey

    Beautiful thought and photo !

  2. Mahnaz


  3. Beautiful observed, very fittingly full of hope!

  4. Scott, your words, and visuals are such a welcome refuge and promise for better things yet to come in so many ways! While I share in the message, we just got dumped on by two feet of snow this past week (hahaha!); still, your flavourful connection and spirit were not at all lost in its delivery; something truly to look forward to in the days ahead. The metaphorical essence was not lost on this old poet’s mind or enthusiasm! Blessings.

  5. In Between, poem says all.
    It is such a heart touching and beautiful one .

    Thank you Scott for sharing

  6. Beautiful spring, lovely poem, Scott.

  7. As refreshing as the blossoms of spring this amazing work really is, Scott! I love it. I love the very artistic presentation of the piece here as well. Speechless! Thank you very much for yet another gorgeous work of poetry.

  8. Neena Sharma

    A Beautiful Spring Quote!
    Hope the Springtime Blossoms in everybody’s life…
    Thank You For sharing Hope and wisdom!

  9. Springtime is s a revival of all things winter-based. the grass rejuvenates from white to green shades. the flowers bloom & germinate too. meadows are an abundance of various plants & hues. the temperatures are an adjustment and the only risk is an April shower. Everything is new again. Thank goodness. These specks of wisdom are artfully complimented by mixed media.

  10. John Lysaght

    A beautiful pocket-poem that can leaven a person`s spirit.

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