1. Pushkar Bisht

    Hi Scott,

    I love all your Bali pictures. They are very beautiful.


  2. Thank you Scottie for sharing your amazing experience. It was just what I needed to shift my energy this morning. Thank you.

  3. Laura Bailey

    Beautiful places and lovely people !
    Thank you Scott so much for sharing !

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures
    This place sure is paradise. Especially loved the gila monster!! So cool!!

    Beautiful family!❤️

  5. Looks like you saw it all! I lived in Indonesia for almost three months. Gili Trawangen Island and Ubud were my favorite spots.

  6. Viewing these beautiful images felt really quite transformational, Scott! I could smell the fragrant ocean breeze and the sunset visuals…oh my. This seems so much my kind of ‘bucket list’ getaway! The lack of human hoards is my ideal adventure away. The stunning geography, ocean vistas, tour boats, monkeys and crocodiles(?)!

    Thanks ever so much for gifting us these wonderful visuals of faraway land and sea! I am so envious.

  7. Jelka Parabirsing

    My sincere thanks for sending us your absolutely stunning and paradisiacal pictures!!

  8. Rochelle Soetan

    Scott, you are such a gift to us all and a star, whose illumination will forever be evident.

  9. Scott, dear friend, these beautiful images demonstrate the colour and gift of your life’s worldly travels. That you and blessed Maureen have shared so much together is truly enviable. I am deeply inspired by your journey, your blessings, and your fulfillment in so many things that life has to offer. Until you set your “sails” on the next adventure, I bid you many more fond memories to cherish always.

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