Literary Conference, Bangalore 18-19th May 2023



  1. Scott, my friend.

    Your recognition as a gifted poet and writer is so deserving. I wish you the best experience attending the International Conference!
    Your writing has impacted the heart and souls of your expansive audience who have undoubtedly been touched by your inspired written expression through poetic verse.

  2. aria ligi

    Lovely to hear you read your work. The interview is very nice.
    For me, your comment on the muse to students is especially good. My thought on this is that I often get first lines (like little letters from the heavens) in the oddest places while driving, taking a shower, etc. I have taken to having a piece of paper with me, along with a pen, and emailed myself on my phone with them. (although I have been known to jump out of the shower, dripping wet, and write it down before it slips from my mind.) I also keep my writing journal by my bed with a pen because the best time for me to get lines is when I am drifting off to sleep.

  3. laura laveglia

    Your interview in my opinion was perfect
    Articulation and poise with a gentleman s tilt of a top hat!!
    Perfection! what else would I except from you ❤️. Bravo

    Your friend is very proud of Scottie! This is only the beginning…

  4. Mahnaz Mohafez

    This such an impressive video conference presented by your good self. It was really absorbing to watch it.

  5. Jan Marquat

    It was fun watching you speak – in person – so to speak. What an enjoyable interview. It was great. I like the candid responses you gave. It was authentic and engaging.

  6. William Bain

    Good to see & hear what you’re doing.
    Singin the light !

  7. John Rachel

    I wouldn’t change anything. Except doing more of these. You come off as a serious artist, a true scholar, a real poet . . . all endangered species these frantic days.
    It was especially fascinating for me as a writer learning about your process, and discovering how careful and meticulous you are.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Don MacIver

    I just finished viewing your Conference Profile and interview! I could feel the pride that you are brimming with for this project and that your beautiful words will be carried out into space! How ambitious and honourable is that? Wow!
    I was on the edge of my seat as you read the poem. And, too, your references to your connection to the traditional poets of another time whose great works fascinated you at a youthful age!
    I experienced the same, all the while many of my classmates were tearing down poetry as rubbish, they had no time nor inclination to waste a moment on it! I let that settle in as it would and over the years felt driven to read increasingly more from those heralded poets of centuries past.
    All things in our lives evolve and we have forged new frontiers through our more contemporary writing style. This is another time and while truly respecting Keats, Browning, Poe, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and so many more, I like to think that we have come unto our own. Our journey is no less treasured but even more cherished.
    Last but not least, I loved your reference to pink roses from scars! How splendid that is!

  9. Mahnaz

    Congratulations, dear Scott!

  10. Tonga Dew

    Oh, I loved this! Graceful, intelligent, passionate. Really well done. Love where you talk about poetry that you lived and how you refuse to box yourself in with rigid rules when you’re composing. Awesome….

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