New poem – Remember…



All we spoke of

And all you shared

Of yourself.


How it warmed me so….


And, as you left me

In that sun-lit meadow,

The whispers

Of all we spilt together

Trailed on behind you.


A lingering impression

Within which

All that was meant to be

Had been realised.


So vivid

And illuminating

In the moment.


This, our one-time bond,

Our passion for life

Fully expressed.


And whatever

This might well

Have cost us,

My love,

Its lingering presence

In our hearts

Soon becomes our refuge.


Soft pillows

Of glorious truth.


  1. Jeffrey Patrick Bennett

    Some poems leap, others (e.g., The Second Coming) leap at the throat. Scott, this poem is whisper, the sort preceding thunder. This is the peaty taste of Autumn’s regal procession, birds for the clarion, wind rustling golden leaves, clapping and waving until they fall to earth. This is the impact of tranquility. This is lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Dee Ashby

    Life is fleeing as are some relationships, but the memories… live on. Another beautiful piece. A precious moment in time, with traces of it’s memory to linger on.

    I just love your work.

  3. This is wonderful…


  4. Jane Bartels

    It’s getting rare good poetry.

  5. Maureen Scanlon

    Very Nice…

  6. Banu Bikardund

    How nice to hear you again

  7. A memory this good must be savored and you have encapsulated it quite elegantly with words.

  8. It’s lingering presence in our hearts .
    Congratulations Scott for such a heartfelt, quite a tingling whisper it left in my heart ❤️
    Lots of blessings to you… ✨️

  9. I love those shining moments where it all comes together and feels right, both joy and saddness. The meadow is the star of this poem.

  10. Cherie Ann Turpin

    Very timely for now!

  11. Laura Bailey

    Beautifully worded !
    Thank you dear Scottie !

  12. Sunaina Sindhwani

    Just read it again…
    Sometimes, Universe orchestrate our thoughts through someone’s else voice this poem is saying what I am feeling these days ..thanks for sharing

  13. soft pillows/ of glorious truth.. we do need the good memories to support us as we move on…

  14. It was worth the cost….just beautiful !

  15. Another beautiful poem.Your poetry is lovely.

  16. Beautiful, Scott. The expression of deeply felt life. Especially like:
    So vivid/And illumiating
    You’ve found a wonderful time window here

  17. Some loves were meant to shine only for a few moments, but they still have the power to move our souls.

  18. A lovely sensory memory you share with us here 🙂

  19. Just beautiful with the light sprinkled meter in


    All we spoke of

    And all you shared

    Of yourself.

    How it warmed me so….

    And, as you left me

    In that sun-lit meadow,

    The whispers

    Of all we spilt together

    Trailed on behind you.

    A lingering impression

    Within which

    All that was meant to be

    Had been realised.

    One almost wishes they could print this out and place it in a book like pressing a leaf.


  20. Jan Marquat

    Powerful! This poem is so simple but explosive with emotion and tenderness.

  21. Seddingheh Baddiel

    I read this wholeheartedly

  22. Every love has a cost. To be a bit corny I’d say love is an investment and its memories the dividends.

  23. Neena Sharma

    As Life Moves On …Some Memories Linger On… How Beautiful A ‘Remembrance’ Scottie Sir!

    Yes, the Lingering memories remain etched in our Heart and mind…For Life Is Transient And Time Is Fleeting
    How Soulfully yet subtly you have portrayed the true picture here…Wow!
    Such a Tender and Sensitive Read!

    Thank You For sharing this Profound and insightful Marvel, Scott Hastie sir…Congrats!

    Warm Greetings and Regards

  24. Mojo Bassey

    Thank you so much for this beautiful piece! It’s so warm and really tugs at the heart. A precious moment in time indeed. Your poems are always so lovely, thank you for sharing them.

  25. Michelle Lommen

    I love the poem,the feelings are described honestly and truly.
    The poem holds its breath….
    Greetings Michelle

  26. Eric Erb

    Fantastic scott. The warmth, then the lingering, vivid yet missing, and then those last two lines, POW! Wow!

  27. I often feel like the romantic within me resonates even deeper with poetry that circles around the heart. All of these words are a testament to the wisdom of someone who has lived true and fully. It is beautiful in nature because the inflections are authentic and elegantly expressed. You often miss the meaning when you become consumed by semantics or context. This poem towers over most simple language. Thanks for these lovely memories here. Soft pillows of glorious truth indeed.

  28. And mothers know those smells too, whether they converse with you about it or not. From grasses in the meadows to a filched cigarette.

  29. And whatever
    This might well
    Have cost us,
    My love,
    Its lingering presence
    In our hearts
    Soon becomes our refuge.

    How vital it is for all of us to carry this in the display window of our hearts.

  30. Maxim Chernikov

    A magnificent poem! For me, memory is my refuge. And you talk about it in your poem. How close it is to my soul! Your stanzas give me the greatest satisfaction! The memory of the feelings we experienced – pain, happiness, joy and suffering – is a real capital! Thank you for the precious thoughts that cause a series of wonderful, bright notes, suggestive of exciting insights! What happiness it is to see, hear, perceive all the shades of the world, the universe in the sounds of poetry!

  31. Margaret Nash

    Your poem, which I love, reminded me of a close friend, an American lady, who just died last week in Mexico, while I was here in London. I shall miss her, and we shared a lot.

  32. Just beautiful This poem will linger in my mind

  33. So heartwarming and illuminating!
    Thank you, dear Scott!

  34. Stellar closing on this one, Scott! I especially love; “A lingering impression
    within which all that was meant to be had been realised.”

  35. I love the closing, those soft pillows is a great image.

  36. A moving poem, Scott. I love the image of the speaker standing along in the sun-lit meadow, and the metaphor ‘soft pillows of glorious truth’.

  37. Because, who wants to be left, is my thought. Indeed, it is a good thing, we can idealize.

  38. I love your opening lines. The nostalgia rimmed with honest emotion and of course, those soft pillows metaphor. Super!

  39. Well done Scott, a nice one… Kind of magical in it’s moment – Moments that come and go and leave a world of love behind.

  40. A memory can be a true delicacy Scott, in this certainly is one. Extremely well written, and engaging.

  41. Beautiful and evocative,Scott. Wonderful closing couplet.

  42. It felt like a brief but memorable encounter, where the love would be remembered for eternity.

  43. Katy Jiang


  44. You’ve wonderfully captured a moment in time that transforms more than a moment.

  45. Scott, you have a breathtaking, heartfelt presence about you in every piece you author. Poetry has this distinctive way of garnering the most personal expressions of responsive emotions. What a gift it is to render life’s moments in this way.

  46. Another beautiful poem. You write with a tender heart, the reader feels a sense of calm caught in a memory.

  47. Sara McNulty

    This ia excellent, Scott. Your end lines are perfect.

  48. Paul Phillips

    Ah, how it reminds me of a romance from my youth…

  49. Andie Kristina

    Scott – I have read your recent poem… Lovely, Eloquent and well written

  50. Jelka Parabirsing

    The heart has four chambers in which there is room for so many beautiful memories…

    Thank you, Scott, for yet another exquisite poem!

  51. An amazing poem to remember, treasure and ponder over dear Scott. The delightful reminiscence of our early days sometimes keeps us alive! I love your wonderous way with words as ever. Yet another piece of tranquility you have created. Thank you!

  52. Mala Janardhan

    What a beautiful poem.

    • Elwin Dillu

      It’s an exquisite piece of writing with vivid expressions. The words seem to possess a piercing impact marking the presence of an intimate gravity capable enough to pull anyone into the same trance the author is in.
      Commendable indeed, Scott!

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