hits new heights… 10 Million visits!

Another milestone passed. Just how far have we come… 2023 an amazing landmark year all round, during which total visits to today exceeded 10 million! And now set for yet more extraordinary and exponential happenings in 2024, when some of my writing is set to land on the south pole of the Moon, with Deep Space beckoning before it. The creative adventure continues…


  1. I cannot think of a better and more deserving artist to achieve this watershed milestone. Scott Hastie is so rare in the poetry realm. He feels and senses like an intuitive thinker. He composes rich, lush melodies with his consciousness. I am in awe of the immensity of his divinely inspired gifts. Ten million views is comparable to endless ideas and sympathies from Earth to the dark side of the Moon.

  2. Indeed, Scott Hastie sets the bar high with all his artistic endeavours. His focus seems forensic while instinctively allowing each piece to blossom and flourish, ultimately the best it can be.

    I hold a deep appreciation in my heart for Scott. I am truly inspired by the sculpted measure of his poetic form and the insight that his thoughts transcend to his ardent readers. The word ‘purpose’ comes to mind and Scott emulates what we all should seek through our writing; indeed our purpose.

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