New Poem – needing love…


Needing love,

We squeeze what we can

From a fluid landscape of life and light,

Gifted to us but for a moment

In the grand scheme of things.


Hope glistens,

Daring us to do so much more.

And, at our best,

When least distracted

By the petty cares of the day,

We hunger for a constant,

To find a flow,

A warm, healing current

We can swim within.


One soul’s journey

In search of a tipping point.

The possibility of honour,

The chance of grace in our lives.


  1. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Wonderful! Wish you happiness wherever you are.

  2. Charlene Truxler

    I was captured by this poem. The intensity of emotion that you convey with your words is wonderfully deep and inoculating. The one thing that struck me was the lack of a title. I know that it is not mandatory to have a title, but with the immense pull your writing has, I feel that a title would only further the strength of the bond between a reader and the works.

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