New Poem – pure naked…


Pure, naked fragile hope.


A gift from Tibet.

Bare, old and worn.


At first sight the crudest

Humblest of objects,

Fashioned to formulas long forgotten.


But these are

Bowls that sing!

That guard within

Their softly tended shadows

Close-kept secrets

That can speak to your soul.


And the mystery is

How their tone, their voice

Grows stronger and clearer

As the years, indeed the centuries

Slip kindly by – layer upon layer.


This is truly a cumulative alchemy.

A melt in time,

Magically shaped, begun by ancient hands.

A mystical mix of craft and contemplation,

Of mecurial moments, carefully gathered in

Just waiting to be sprung.

To be released again, sacredly in the ether,

To resonate forever.


  1. Oh, so beautiful, this resonating sacredly in the ether.

  2. Love how their voice gets stronger and clearer with the years…adding also how it stretches across time…begun by ancient the now but also reaching into forever..beautiful magical tunes indeed…

  3. A gorgeous ode to singing bowls, the patina of time revealing the depth and breadth of their beauty.

  4. Nice…so is it a bell i take it? that is the image i get in reading it…the music getting even better with age…a cumulative alchemy….cool line that scott…

    Scott says: Hi Brian – a bowl not a bell… Tibetan bowls have a long and sacred history see basic intro link – Once you get to know them, you could then comfortably live the rest of your life without ever having another more poetic object to write about… I am very fortunate to have a bowl of my own, which is between 500 – 2000 years old! they are impossible to date and made to an ancient formula that cannot be replicated today – involving an amalgum of various metals, including cooper, silver, gold, mercury etc. with each bowl handed tuned by fashioning the rim to a particular frequency that corresponds to various chakras in the body. They were also used for healing as well as religious and meditative practices… How special is that? I have been fascinated by them, ever since I learnt of their existence as a young man.

  5. I love the crafting of the bowl, full of secrets & magically shaped by ancient hands ~ Beautiful share ~

  6. I’m sure it’s soothing to listen to them. This is gorgeous. I especially like:

    Their softly tended shadows

    Close-kept secrets

    That can speak to your soul

  7. A fabulous write on an intriguing subject, Scott.

  8. I am honored to use tibetan singing bowls in my healing practice. crude and humble : ) Your final line stays with me and your initial line calls out a most certain truth. wonderful work.

  9. A fabulous write indeed.

    Anna :o]

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