New Poem – yes, our blood


Yes, our blood is warm.

It seeks, it goes forward.

And it points to how in life

The vapours of youth, of joy,

Of piety and inspiration

Pour forth like honey

Only to melt away so quickly,

Leaving their mark behind

Many centuries later.


And so, as I stand here

In an almost impossibly verdant

Fertile landscape, far from home,

Blessed by the unfamiliar constant warmth

Of a blazing Asian sun.

And soaked in the heady humid foreign air,

Perfumed by scents unknown,

It is now that I can sense

Some sweet distillation of the past,

Stirring in the air.


And soon luminous light

Is seemingly everywhere:

Even in the glances of strangers

From many other lands,

Whose suddenly realise, with a smile,

That they too can now tap into this moment,

This cauldron of precious perception,

That it has taken us all

Travel across continents

To find here today – unique, illuminated, bejewelled,

In the midst of temple ruins, long since forgotten,

In the clambering, grasping riot of the jungle.

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  1. Its like you read my mind!

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