New Poem – a busy city…


A busy city,

Far from home.



The teeming crowd,

A tsunami of sorts.


And as you walk on into the melee,

As it comes to you,

For the briefest, sweetest of moments

To catch the eye,

To share a smile,

To touch the soul of a stranger

You may never see again.


This is as it should be.


The often cavernously empty

Business of life will always

Occasionally be overwhelmed by truth.

For the restless soul hungers for such moorings,

Such absolute points of recognition

Gifted by love,

By light shared with others.


But such chances come and go so suddenly

That what was once so recent, so vivid

Already seems so distant and long ago.


What then,

If not still true to your heart?


Only swamped I fear.

Lost on a surging tide,

Swept back to faceless oblivion,

To the ruin of indifference to start again…


  1. Christine Morris

    I love the first part of this poem (ending with “this is as it should be”). How many times have we been lost in a crowd of people only to suddenly make eye contact with one person. It leaves so many questions unanswered. Who are you? What is your life like? What are your thoughts in that fleeting moment of contact? The whole poem has made me think about how insular we all are, living in our own bubble, heads down. What a different life it would be if we just looked, head up, and smiled!

  2. Rochelle Soetan

    Scott, I must say that each time I read this poem, I become amazed all over again at its scope of simplicity – yet relevance. Our apprehensions of connecting with the unknown, learning to embrace the power of our NOW, a reservoir of brief moments in time we call “living,” …..however significant, we should seize these moments – as they are as they should be. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your “view” from a distance.

  3. Milan Schmotzer

    Your poetry indeed has a high degree of spirituality for people who are hungry for wisdom. Without love, without a feeling of our joy, happiness and goodness our souls will be lost. As you say: “Gifted by love, By light shared with others.”

    “Light of love remains inside us and we can use it for healing the world. (It) does not matter who is doing what. He/she can shine.” Milan Schmotzer.

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