Every new day

…our childrens’ joy is as fresh as roses,

Even the birds chatter at dawn.


Tomorrow will be sharp and noisy,

Like the bright spotted splash of wild flowers

That freckle the shaded tawny look of ancient meadows.


How stubborn life is,

It clings like silver in our souls.


From Selected Poetry




  1. Sarah Mallory

    Particularly love your line, “Even the bird chatter at dawn”. Great image!

  2. Ronee Henson

    Scott, you are a kindred spirit….
    You write about the things I feel.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your poetry, very much!
    Keep dreaming….keep writing….keep communicating.

  3. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Very nice! Fascinating indeed.

  4. Shari LeKane-Yentumi

    The seasonal pictures match the poetic messages of each stanza and reflect universal messages that are both temporal and philosophical.

  5. Jennifer Mazur Lyall

    beautiful poem… thanks for sharing and shining xo

    • Hermione Insula

      Incredible! That was a very good read. Someone who really thinks, feels and understands what they are writing about. Quite difficult to find of late, especially on the web .

  6. Neena Sharma

    Serene… Beautiful bounties of nature! Regards

  7. Vivian Hadleigh

    Scott, your web site is incredibly appealing. It reminds me of the embrace I felt when I visited the Cotswolds, and I look forward to browsing your blog.

  8. Lil Tufel

    “When I write, I am looking to speak to your soul.” – That’s very lovely. You have a great site Scott. God bless you.

  9. Anna Saunders

    ‘How stubborn life is, it clings like silver in our souls’ Lovely!

  10. Scott, some lovely phrasing here. I especially like “tomorrow will be sharp and noisy”, at times it is, but I only hope for less of an edge. Very nice work.


  11. What a lovely, light poem that also makes you think from within. 🙂

  12. Aah..beautiful…You speak to that place inside of me where my light lives…thank you Scott

  13. Bonnie Roberts

    Scott, I really like the line “it clings like silver in our souls.” I do wonder if life is as stubborn as we are, however, to keep the silver in our souls? Just a thought.

    I enjoy your site and your poems. They are very much of light, roses, bird songs, children–“silver in our souls.”

    All best,


  14. Susan Cobrado

    Hi Scott, I am in awe of: “how stubborn life is, it clings like silver in our souls. Bloom forever, Scott and melt the reader’s soul…

  15. MoMoMuzak

    I love your pictures, I love your poetry. The honesty in it all…… I could meditate on the 1st page. I love the site I can’t wait to see more… #peace

  16. “How stubborn life is,
    It clings like silver in our souls.” – this is such an interesting thought! it rings on in the mind.. something that will stay with me.

  17. Anna Moon

    Překrásné, velmi hluboké básně. Vím, překlad do češtiny, není dokonalý, ale i tak vnímám hlubokou krásu v nich. Děkuji Vám za to, milý Scoot. Obohatil jste mě. Nadále budu se velkým zájmem i s radostí číst Vaší poezii. Ještě jednou děkuji a klaním se před Vámi. Jste VELKÝ BÁSNÍK.
    Anna Moon

    Translated from the Czech:

    Beautiful, very deep poems. I know , Czech translation is not perfect, but even so, I feel a deep beauty in them. Thank you for that Scott, you have enriched me… I will continue with great interest and with pleasure to read your poetry. Once again, thank you and I bow before you. You are a great poet .
    Anna Moon

  18. Lovely poetry Scott. Many thanks. Pieter

  19. I love this poem. Your poetry is Inspirational Scott and as I commented before you are definitely a Wordsmith. Whatever you do in your search and living for Spiritual truths, please keep sharing and never Stop writing. Bless You.
    Fran Horsley.

  20. William Fowler

    This is simply a great poem. I enjoyed reading it.

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