If there’s an ambition

Then it’s to damage dullness.

To cause a tear, a slash,

Some rip in the surface of things.


Not damage for it’s own sake, 

But an attempt to sever connections,

To abandon morality, obligation.

To escape pattern.


To reach down within the wound

And grasp something of 

The soft visceral truth beneath.


Here, illuminated at last, 

Nestles the ruddy glint of spiritual certainty;

Sweet moments of passion and healing, 

Of sensual release.


From Meditations – NYP  (2013)





  1. GREAT GREAT GREAT. LOVE LOVE LOVE. This particular poem “speaks to my soul.” Thank you Scott, for sharing, for giving, for opening………..YES, sweet moments of passion and healing; of sensual release.

  2. Excellent, deep & meaningful.

  3. Mahnaz Mohafez

    What a sincere emotion is reflected in all your poems, Scott! I like this sincerity.

  4. Bonita Christensen

    Pain is pleasure!

  5. For me the third verse was the strongest. I like the message here .. it only hurts if there’s truth in it.

  6. Neena Sharma

    Wow… A true confession as if to the almighty and your soul brethren , Scott sir… Another profound , most sensitive portrayal of a man’s predicament while chasing an ambition or dream. It is very true that dreams and desires make you selfish, severing your ties with all; gradually… You end up becoming a solitary reaper and then subsequently,you reach the great visceral truth of submerged spirituality within. Great!

    Thanks for this one..I do not know how I happened to miss it, dear esteemed friend. God Bless!
    Fond regards as ever..

  7. Melissa Fowler


  8. This is great Scottie.

  9. If there is an ambition really got me. The third verse was the strongest. Pain in pleasure. It only hurts if there’s truth in it. Nice inking Scott and would like to share. Once again, I like your poems.

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