Together we must

…have faith,

Despite the cold stare that greets us every morning

-Should we choose to see it.


Set against the modest beauty of the moorland hills,

The pale languid look of haunted men

Tells tales centuries old.


Poisonous stories of greed and cold-blooded compromise,

Of slow and steady seduction

Into a way of life fit for no one;

Even the common sparrow would scorn the chance

To play a part in this tepid tragedy.


Hear their voices, 

The empty moans of dark and dreary souls,

The acrid cynicism of folk

Halfway to the grave of empty desperation.


And yet the struggle is still ours,

And so we smile on,

Knowing that we can still grow good

By the days that could first grow colder,

As we ride on into the wind,

Our love entwined and God on our side,

Feeding the truths we share 

With a union of our souls,

Cathedral slaves of our passion 

Which builds beauty amongst chaos.

From New Poetry



  1. Charles Tutt

    Nicely put and so true if we only take time to observe these truths of life.

  2. Manngoime


    So indeed have we been hit steadily in the face by this COLD STARE, which has been with us as long as we have allowed it. I am more particularly drawn into this unforgettable experience because of the call to come together and confront the past with our faith. we are not totally vanquished because GOD ON OUR SIDE and His mercy helps us to be renewed-FEEDING THE TRUTHS WE SHARE WITH A UNION OF OUR SOUL.

    Our chaotic lifestyle notwithstanding, our cold past alive, WE SMILE ON because we know that GOD ON OUR SIDE we can still come out stronger … see what we envision ahead of us… to BUILD BEAUTY AMONGST CHAOS.

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