Age gathers, colludes.

Cadences fade fitfully,

Seemingly before their time.


But there are echoes still,

Shapes we inherit, we inhabit, we bequeath.


A life, however bravely spent,

Will always be jagged, incomplete,

Never far away from being enveloped in darkness. 


Some may say,

Especially those who’ve known joy in life,

That this is not right.


I tell you clearly they are wrong.


So, just as a dancer

Might spin for you an exact pirouette,

And release themselves in the perfect burst,

A lingering silhouette of energy.


Be content to love, to dazzle in the light,

If only for moments.

And then be gone, with gladness in your heart,

Before the creeping shadows

Claim too much your sadness at leaving.


From Meditations – NYP (2013)



  1. Sorhaula

    I love this!

  2. Truly thought this was inspiring, Thank you.

  3. Ashok Aditya

    I think you’ve gone deep unearthing these words…

  4. How beautifully this is written, gently drawing the eye down and through with great imagery…

  5. Berk Washburn

    This life is but a brief moment in the total day.

  6. Manngoime

    Methinks if i love and dazzle with gladness in my heart, there will be no shadows lurking behind me and creeping
    behind to steal what i have hoped for.But even if there is any i will be so glad to leave behind what i don’t need in heaven…let the creeping shadows take all my sadness…for i know that my redeemer liveth !

  7. Like a dancer spotting,
    never losing balance,
    never losing sight of you,
    in the gyre of your illusions,
    your every phrase a wave upon my shore,
    your words like water swallowed.

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