New Poem – The Spark..

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New Poem – The Spark..


The spark

In a void,

Once only a shell.


A curl,

A husk of life,

A chrysalis

Waiting to burst.




A morning look

That welcomes


No sour or arid

Sleep now.


Such rising spirit

A swelling mound,

A fine, fresh

Moist prominence

Of sorts,

Eager to receive

Such gain.


Pressing, breasting,


To leave its mark.


And yes,

We all leave

Such stains,

Such energies

Behind us,

For there’s

No other way

To be generous here.


Giving back


At our own expense

Into a rinsing bowl

Of tears.


The sparkle

Of our dreams

Caught threadbare,

Between the cracks.

New Poem – Life is….

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New Poem – Life is….


Life is suffering

Speckled with joy.


So treasure it

When that blessing comes.


Bringing with it,

As it does,

A nourishment

That’s so rich,

So intense,

You could run a knife

Through it,

Like a slab of butter.


A sacred hamper

Of hope then,

For far tougher days


When storms

A plenty

Will, once again,

Seem to chide us so.


Yet surely

We’ve all lived

Long enough

To know

There’s no such thing

As mere coincidence.


Feeble creatures

As we are,

Somehow mysteriously

Never quite able

To see round the corner.


For whatever injury

And despair

We might inflict

Upon our world,

Nature has its own acumen,

Its own steady intent

And will show us

The way back home,

If we allow it to.

New Poem – Set Against…

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New Poem –  Set Against…


Set against

A cavernously


Star-lit sky.


Consider your life,

As it is now…

The hollowed out


Of what was once

To be.


And marvel

At how


Can still fly!


What a wonder

And a great comfort

That is too.


Down here,

On this kind

Soft earth,


Each and every day,

Light fades

And the dark night

Still gathers up

Her fathomlessly

Sequined skirts

Around you.


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An epic moment in the history of sport occurred tonight… Because the truth is you could live another ten lifetimes and never even come anywhere close to witnessing such a beautifully free, brave and aggressively confident young sportsperson riding the perfect wave so gloriously… And for so long! A truly inspiring and surreal experience, which was just such a pump to watch and feel a part of… Emma Raducanu you made me cry tears of joy tonight. Thank you for reminding us all that with a bold heart anything is possible… It’s kinda hard for me to go to sleep now!