New Poem – Somewhere…

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New Poem – Somewhere…



There’s never a sigh,

The choicest of gifts

Are always given,

Never chosen.


Our precious being

So much more

Than a vessel to fill,

When the world

Is so awash

With opportunity.


So dare to ignite

Fires of desire

Wherever you are,

Even if all

You might then

Be tempted to wish

Could be yours forever,

Will, one day,

Be lost to you

In a changing of the light.


One in, one out,

It’s a rum do!


Along with the fear

Of being forsaken

Or forgotten.


This will never happen

To a generous heart.



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New Poem – See how…

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New Poem – See how…

See how,


The stream’s

Silvery edge,

Reflected light

Dances on the surface

Of rushing water.



The very essence

Of life and motion itself,

Effortlessly tapping

Into timeless truths

That, once absorbed,

Echo right back

At you

More than ever before.


And with a peerless


That’s both soothing

And humbling

Of how,

In a single lifetime,

One could never oneself


Such knowing grace,

Gather up such melody,

Nor offer such endless



Still here

With the chance

Of some

Sweet release though.


And, for so many

Amongst us,

Would that it were so!


To dream

That one day


Such a river might flow.

New Artwork ‘Ripples’

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New Artwork ‘Ripples’

NEW ARTWORK: ‘Ripples’

Only just available… Now the fourth in a brand new series of high quality limited edition prints all centred around images that have caught my eye when travelling.
This one inspired by photos of ice, glass and water taken last Winter.
All prints signed and numbered in strictly limited editions of only thirteen. Giclee Fine Art reproductions on the finest 290 gsm stock (museum archive quality)
Cost £120 ($155) per print. All A3 in size (29.7 x 42 cms – unmounted and unframed) with free P&P worldwide. Top class studio mounting & framing is also readily available for UK orders.
To enquire about the availability for purchase of any of these limited edition prints, please email either or feel free to contact Scott direct at

New Poem – Pain passes…

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New Poem – Pain passes…


Pain passes,

Whilst true joy



And with that certainty

Comes the bittersweet


Of another new dawn.


The re-making of everything,

The coming again of the light.


And so it is,

Each and every day.

Be it in the persistently

Joyful call

Of a lark at daybreak,

Or the lingering odour

From some foraging fox

The night before.


It’s at times like this,

The world grows modest.


Seems to shrink down

And, when savoured

Close to, intensifies

To such singular peaks

Of curious intimacy

That somehow embody

All that matters.


Remember that glorious

Moonlit swim?

Or the time, one pungent

And luminous

Late summers afternoon,

We ran so freely

Across the broad slope

Of the farmer’s

Newly harvested field,

Like wild horses forever.


We claimed those moments

For ourselves, didn’t we?

We pause….

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We pause….