New Poem – Set Against…

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New Poem –  Set Against…


Set against

A cavernously


Star-lit sky.


Consider your life,

As it is now…

The hollowed out


Of what was once

To be.


And marvel

At how


Can still fly!


What a wonder

And a great comfort

That is too.


Down here,

On this kind

Soft earth,


Each and every day,

Light fades

And the dark night

Still gathers up

Her fathomlessly

Sequined skirts

Around you.


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An epic moment in the history of sport occurred tonight… Because the truth is you could live another ten lifetimes and never even come anywhere close to witnessing such a beautifully free, brave and aggressively confident young sportsperson riding the perfect wave so gloriously… And for so long! A truly inspiring and surreal experience, which was just such a pump to watch and feel a part of… Emma Raducanu you made me cry tears of joy tonight. Thank you for reminding us all that with a bold heart anything is possible… It’s kinda hard for me to go to sleep now!

Stepping back…

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Stepping back…


With the publication of my long sought for and landmark collection‘Threads’ back in 2016. Which, although admittedly rather slim, was really the book I always wanted to write, followed by ‘Pranic Poetry’which made such an unexpected impression during the pandemic lockdowns of 2020, I already felt truly blessed by the appreciative attention my writing was getting all around the world. This prior to the further explosion of interest generated by my two 30th year anniversary ‘Best of’ collections: ‘Timeless’and ‘Splinters of Light’ Equally gratifying that there was then sufficient interest to justify two of my much earlier titles from the 1990’s ‘Selected Poetry’and ‘New Poetry’ being re-issued as ebooks earlier this year.

So now with also continuing to make such dizzy headway, seemingly effortlessly able to generate its own momentum these days, I myself am now planning to step back and slow down creatively for a while. Some more time to reflect and in particular to re-charge my spiritual batteries is now needed, I think.

Of course, along with developing my interest in life fitness, meditation and healing, as well as spending more time with family & friends. And in my garden! I’m sure I will be inspired to be creative along the way…

Indeed, still be releasing the occasional new poems and fresh quotes on as I always have done. Particularly when ‘the voice’ comes through, strong and true to me… But, for the time being at least, not chasing my muse with such a vengeance!

More time for travelling and adventuring perhaps and having fuller freedom to take the sweet moments of life, just as they come to me… And, who knows, this adjusted approach well may well usher in brand new challenges, experiences and achievements in this, the next chapter my life. So many thanks to the countless souls all around the world for all your wonderful support and encouragement, especially these past ten years. And for allowing what I do to touch your lives. I have been and indeed remain both truly humbled and blessed by that.

Much Love, Light and Joy to you ALL in the time still to come…