End of year report!

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End of year report!

With a sometimes challenging 2019 drawing to a close, continues to go from strength to strength. And is truly beginning to run away with itself… Now generating comfortably in excess of two million views every year!

So thanks again to everyone around the world for their continued interest in my work. It is indeed, at the same time,  both nourishing and humbling too…

Wishing you all a happy and fulfilling New Year.

Merry Christmas…

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Merry Christmas…

The house at Waddesden, as it was this year. Seasons Greetings to you all…

Photo courtesy of Christopher G – Laughing Boy himself… xxx

New Poem – Like the curiously…

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New Poem – Like the curiously…


Like the curiously

Regal stance

Of a proud young deer,


The early morning mists,

At any given moment

I am an aggregate,

The absolute sum of all

That has gone before.


And even

When I’m no more,

I will remain still

In every facet of place,

Of presence, of purpose,

Of breath

And bare beings too,

Any of which

And each of whom,

Would never have been

Quite as they are

Destined to be now

Had I not come

To settle here awhile too.


So well before the time

To slip away

Gathers too much pace,

So should we all

Endeavour to love,

To leave the best

Of ourselves behind.


And forever remember

The need to be kind.


Or else, who knows

What quiet despair

Might otherwise live on

In the still beating hearts

Of others.

New Publication!

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New Publication!

Just wanted to share with everyone the latest creative endeavour by my lovely and talented eldest daughter, Louise Stephenson – Out now in time for Christmas and available from Amazon… 

New Poem – Somewhere…

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New Poem – Somewhere…



There’s never a sigh,

The choicest of gifts

Are always given,

Never chosen.


Our precious being

So much more

Than a vessel to fill,

When the world

Is so awash

With opportunity.


So dare to ignite

Fires of desire

Wherever you are,

Even if all

You might then

Be tempted to wish

Could be yours forever,

Will, one day,

Be lost to you

In a changing of the light.


One in, one out,

It’s a rum do!


Along with the fear

Of being forsaken

Or forgotten.


This will never happen

To a generous heart.



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New Poem – See how…

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New Poem – See how…

See how,


The stream’s

Silvery edge,

Reflected light

Dances on the surface

Of rushing water.



The very essence

Of life and motion itself,

Effortlessly tapping

Into timeless truths

That, once absorbed,

Echo right back

At you

More than ever before.


And with a peerless


That’s both soothing

And humbling

Of how,

In a single lifetime,

One could never oneself


Such knowing grace,

Gather up such melody,

Nor offer such endless



Still here

With the chance

Of some

Sweet release though.


And, for so many

Amongst us,

Would that it were so!


To dream

That one day


Such a river might flow.