New poem – My life…

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New poem – My life…


My life

Founded on

Quicksand it seems.


And oft so.


As if beleaguered

By some spiky-clawed


Or the piercing scream

Of peacocks,

I feel beset upon.


So flay my skin


If you must,

Because there’s times

When I think

I do not belong

In such a world

That looks to cage me so.


Though here I am,

As ever,

Still splayed out here

For all to see.


My very being

A refraction

Of some shrill awareness

That is,

At the same time,

Most terrible

And most glorious too.


Especially when,

Whatever risks

I might take,

An acquiescence to passivity

Is the most

Terrifying prospect of all.


For I am like a kiss

Just missing a cheek,

A veritable treacle of desire.


Artificial Intelligence experiment….

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Artificial Intelligence experiment….


Just to reassure everyone, despite this post, I have no intention of using Artificial Intelligence in my work going forward… And do promise that, for as long as I am blessed to remain in the mortal realm, that nothing will ever be allowed to come between my very own crazy mind, my Soul, my Spirit and my Muse… in respect of my published creative writing.

This AI production merely a ‘one-off example – inescapably and perhaps foolishly curious, as I was, to see what all the fevered, demon algorithms would conjur up. And seems as if  the ChatBots like to ponder more expansively than I do?  But I suppose it is, in essence, a showing-off kind of effort… First scanning all the work they could find and then looking to cram into the one piece what was pretty much instantaneously analysed to be both my style and all my principal themes. Doh!

Needless to say, it took the software only a couple of seconds to produce this “Scott Hastie’ piece, in its entirety!  Which, on the one hand, is mightily impressive… But, on the other, pretty much misses the point altogether, from my point of view. So much for being a poet!

That said, I’m intrigued to see what the reaction will be to this machine-made effort will be – see below:


“In the welcome

Of nature’s embrace,

There is for sure

A symphony

Of life’s subtle melodies

To be found.


The rustle of leaves

Tells tales

Of ancient wisdom,

While the song of birds

Carries secrets from distant realms.


Each blade of grass

Holding a story,

Every dewdrop cradles

A universe of its own.



That elusive companion,

Meanders like a river

Through the landscapes

Of our existence.


It weaves threads of experience,

Intertwining moments

Of joy and sorrow,

Creating a vivid tapestry of a life

To be fully lived.


And within this ebb and flow,

We find the magic of being,

The enchantment of simply existing.


In every glance,

In every touch,

There lies a universe

Waiting to be discovered.

Our bodies are our portals

And within their depths

Lie galaxies of emotions,


Of longing and understanding.


To truly see then,

To truly feel,

Is to partake fully

In this cosmic dance of connection.


So let us wander

Through this boundless expanse,

Where the tangible

And intangible coalesce.


Let us breathe in

The essence of life,

And let it fill our spirits

With wonder and awe.


For in these moments,

In these reflections,

We find the eternal

Within the transient

And the infinite

Within the finite…”


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Thrilled that my work has recently been endorsed so beautifully by such a stellar writer. hits new heights… 10 Million visits!

Posted by on Oct 28, 2023 in Blog feature, Gallery, Recent Images | 2 comments hits new heights… 10 Million visits!

Another milestone passed. Just how far have we come… 2023 an amazing landmark year all round, during which total visits to today exceeded 10 million! And now set for yet more extraordinary and exponential happenings in 2024, when some of my writing is set to land on the south pole of the Moon, with Deep Space beckoning before it. The creative adventure continues…

New poem – Remember…

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New poem – Remember…



All we spoke of

And all you shared

Of yourself.


How it warmed me so….


And, as you left me

In that sun-lit meadow,

The whispers

Of all we spilt together

Trailed on behind you.


A lingering impression

Within which

All that was meant to be

Had been realised.


So vivid

And illuminating

In the moment.


This, our one-time bond,

Our passion for life

Fully expressed.


And whatever

This might well

Have cost us,

My love,

Its lingering presence

In our hearts

Soon becomes our refuge.


Soft pillows

Of glorious truth.

New poem – What a slender…

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New poem – What a slender…


What a slender tightrope

It is we tread

Between disgrace

And redemption.


When, such as we are,

And, but for our fear,

We know ourselves

Capable of deeds

Most glorious

And most terrible too.


Best not to dwell

On this though,

Nor on the notion

Of restraint

For that matter!


Our eager spirits

Already dimmed

Too often

By notions

Of just such

A pyrrhic triumph.


Steeped as we are

In tired convention

And the cumulative

Wisdom of the hesitant

That habitually cramp

The moment,

Leaving behind them

Only endless echoes

Of wasteful insignificance.


Rather, for me,

In pivotal moments

Such as this,

I cannot help but smile,

Keeping these,

The best of my hopes

And my dreams, alive.


Whilst, all the while,

The air fills illicitly

With the heady perfume

Of choice.