When I write, I am looking to speak to your soul

Life teaches us that wonderful moments are possible, if your heart is full



I am based in the Hertfordshire countryside, which is only a thirty minute commuter ride from London. The village where I live and work is also only a mile or so from a key junction on to the M25 which offers fast access into the capital’s four principal airports at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and London Luton.

For basic biographical information please see Wikipedia article. Those of you wishing to know more about my literary career to date and how I approach the creative task of being a writer will find plenty of background informations in the MAIN FEATURE INTERVIEW that can be accessed via the Publications button on the Home Page menu.

A comprehensive listing of all my publications can also be found at Amazon who are the principal trade supplier of all my titles under the Centuria imprint – all of which are kept in stock and made available for immediate order and worldwide delivery from their principal warehouses in the UK & USA.

A sample collection of some of the best known quotes taken from my work around the world is also  available at Good Reads.

Signed copies (with or without individual inscriptions) together with any limited or special editions, can also be ordered direct (and entirely securely…) from this website see: PublicationsPurchase Books on the Home Page main menu. Similar options to purchase images displayed on the site – either photographs of some of my more recently released Signature Art Print Collection can be accessed via the Gallery tab on the Home Page main menu.

I don’t maintain a personal Facebook page – but there is a public figure page which links to this site. Also Google Search (Text or Images) using: ‘scott hastie poet’ will cut through the inevitable clutter and provide you with all the relevant internet listings you need.

To get more involved and to keep up to date with my current creative interests, enthusiasms and activity, feel free to regularly peruse and contribute comments/personal responses to the Blog available on this site.

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In terms of teaching creative writing, I offer anything from either on-line support/advice and one day ‘one to one’ guided mentoring/workshop sessions – through to group work, lectures, feature interviews and presentations.

By arrangement, I can sometimes also be available for school and college visits, as well as campus tours, both here in the UK and abroad.

Already trained and examined as a Personal Trainer to REP Level 2, some years ago now, I developed life coaching theories and personal practice in the following areas that I am happy to share, either in individual or group contexts:

Fitness, deep breathing techniques, cardio exercise & running
Massage, body balance & well being
Stress management
Advanced Meditation Techniques
Spiritual awareness

Since 2020, I have developed a structured five step ALIVE AGAIN!  ‘one to one’ guided programme, designed to help anyone blossom out towards optimum well being and transform their life’s potential.

Programme 1 – Stretching & Breathing – morning workout (Video)

Programme 2 – Body Assessment: Alignment, Balance & Stress Points

Programme 3 – Cardio Workout Routines

Programme 4 – Lifestyle Reveal & Analysis, inc. all aspects of Nutrition

Programme 5 – Advanced Meditation

+ Healing for specific issues that surface during any point in the Programme


If you feel I may have something to offer you, feel free to contact me directly to discuss your needs/interests and what might be possible.


Additionally, I have now also undertaken certified training in the practice of Pranic Healing by The Institute of Pranic Healing (UK & Ireland) to an Advanced Level, with further specialised certified training focused specifically on Psychotherapeutic applications.

For more information about Pranic Healing and what I am be able to offer you, please go straight to the Pranic Healing page on this site.



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